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Jul 25, 2008 12:25 PM

Jersey City dinner help: Grove St. Path stop

I just moved from Manhattan to Jersey City and a couple of our friends are coming over tonight to visit (one is a professional food reviewer – so no pressure there). They’ve never been to JC and I’m trying to convince them it’s awesome! Anyway, where should we take them? I’m looking for someplace that’s a short walk from the Grove Street stop. Good drinks a plus.

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  1. Marco and Pepe on Grove @ Mercer has the best food in town.
    Then, these places are good, imho:
    Ox on Newark Avenue near Jersey
    The Merchant on Grove near Montgomery,
    Sawadee Thai on Newark near Grove -- haven't eaten at this location, but their old one was very good. Owner is my old landlord!
    Madame Claude on 4th and Brunswick, just off Newark, is an authentic French bistro and BYO. VERY reasonable prices
    Edward's Steak House on Marin below Montgomery

    Closest places to the PATH are (in order of closeness): Sawadee; Marco & Pepe, Merchant, Ox, Edwards.

    Hope this helps! and welcome to "The 5th Borough!"

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      Haha, thanks for all the suggestions! By the way, I think you mean the SIXTH borough.

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        second on OX ... I are there a few weeks ago and was really impressed, the food was fresh and the service was great ...

      2. Not a good fit for tonight since I don't think they do much if anything with drinks and you probably want something fancier but go to Taqueira one of these days. It is on the corner of grove and grand. It has very fresh very authentic mexican food. It is so tasty, wish they would open something like that where I live on Long Island. The prices are very reasonable too.

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          Thanks for THAT heads up! didn't even know it was there (since I moved over to McGinley Square, where except for a Vietnamese place, we are chowless...).