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Jul 25, 2008 11:51 AM

Kushi Q- kushiage fast and cheap

I love Torys, Totto and Tori Shin but the long waits and big bucks make them prohibitive. Kushi Q is fast, fun and cheap and pretty damn good. Chicken yakitori, karaAge (fried chicken yakitori), butabara (bacon yakitori) and the eponymous so-se-ji (sausage-say it fast) and a big salad with a cup of decent miso soup-under $10 in under 5 minutes! 3rd ave around 45th.

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  1. Did you not find the portions teeny tiny? I am not a kushiage expert, far from it, so I don't know, but my friend who has eaten in many of these places, we agree that it is grossly overpriced. Actually, with one exception: the shrimp special (Who knows when they'll have it? Is there a pattern?) is well worth it. Thoughts?