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Jul 25, 2008 11:30 AM

Buffalo bus terminal options?


i have a 2 hr stop over at the buffalo greyhound bus terminal on a sunday. is there anything remotely good around there to grab for lunch? never been there, but i do not wanna eat cafeteria buss terminal grub.


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  1. Ouch!! The terminal isn't one of MY favorite areas.....But if it has to be, well, nearby the terminal are:
    Pat Mc Gintys Restaurant 38 Swan St (716) 856-0663 (across from the ball park)
    Ulrich's Tavern (German Food) 674 Ellicott St. (near Virginia St.) 716 855-8409.
    SeaBar City (Sushi) 475 Ellicott St. 716 332-2928
    Pearl Street Pub and Brewery (Pub Food) 76 Pearl St. 716 856-2337
    Papaya (Asian fusion) 118 W. Chippewa St. (in the Hampton Inn), 716 856-2444

    All are a short cab trip except McGinty's - you could walk there.

    1. In a pinch, Fables Cafe at the Central Library, is is a half a block north. They are only open 8:30am to 3:00pm Mon-Sat.