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Jul 25, 2008 10:55 AM

The BEST Lasagne & Chocolate Cake in Manhattan

Ok, so one of my best friends has 2 rituals that he has to experience on his birthday:

1. Eat Lasagne
2. Eat Chocolate Cake

So, my challenge is to find the BEST of both in Manhattan by August 28th. Can you help me? They don't need to be at the same restaurant.

Thanks for your suggestions. I look forward to any and all input.

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  1. Insieme, an upscale italian restaurant in midtown often has been said to have the best lasagna in the city, according to the new york times, time out new york, ruth reichl, etc. It's a lasagna bolognese, and though I didn't eat it, I did eat at the restaurant and the food was wonderful. Marco Canora/Paul Grieco deserves all the praise for Insieme and Hearth.

    For Chocolate Cake, I like Blue Hill's Chocolate Bread Pudding with vanilla ice cream to settle that craving. You can sit at the bar for it. It's probably my favorite chocolate dessert in new york. Others include:

    Balthazar's chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream is a classic. can't go wrong with that.

    Cafe Boulud's Molten chocolate cake is excellent. What you'd expect from an elite fine dining estabilishment. Their Toffee cake though is ridiculously good though, whoa.

    Bouley's chocolate cake has 3 different ice creams with it, last time it was vanilla, maple syrup, and caramel flavors. Mmmm. excellent as well.

    So there are some choices. Let me know how it goes. All the best =)

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      I had Insieme's lasagna the other day and can easily say its the best I've had in the city.

    2. Hands down Za Za in the east 60's make the best lasagna in NYC..imo.

      As for chocolate cake head up to Two Little Red Hens on 86th for their blackout cake.

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        Enthusiastically second the blackout cake at Two Little Red Hens. I loved it so much it was my wedding cake.

      2. Apizz and Pietro's for lasagna.

        The Palm serves a huge peice of very good chocolate cake.