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Jul 25, 2008 10:53 AM

Hella's Millersville, Md - Veteran's Hwy.

Went to Hella's last night and came away very disappointed. They are no longer server Taromasalata as they didn't have enough diners ordering it. I went there solely for that because Samos' is just too far to go there very often, especially with these gas prices! I wanted it as an appetizer so instead ordered the spanakopita appetizer. They didn't have any so I couldn't have that! I finally got the dolmades appetizer. The filling and tatziki were good but the grape leaves were rather tough. I ordered a gyro for my entree and the meat was all dried out and hard.

I'm very upset. Mostly because I was looking forward to Taromasalata all week!

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  1. That is disappointing news.

    Have you tried the taramosalata at Chris's Charocoal Pit on West St. in Annapolis?

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    1. re: crackers

      wonder if paul's homewood cafe on west st has that as they have traditional greek menu items too

      1. re: chowsearch

        Yes, it is also on the dinner menu at Paul's - I think it's about $6 and comes with pita, per usual. Probably can ask for it at other times too and they'll make up a serving fo ryou. They don't make it in house though - it comes from Prima Foods, the Baltimore Greek food distributor.

        JonParker mentioned Prima in a thread about finding tzatzki in Baltimore: Prima also has a retail store that has a large selection of Greek food if you want to go there and stock up on the same stuff you'd get in the restaurants. It's on Kane St. in E. Baltimore.

        1. re: crackers

          That place looks awesome!! How's the neighborhood that it's in though?

          1. re: lrebetsky0423

            "How's the neighborhood that it's in?"

            Not sure what you're asking for and not sure which place you're asking about - Paul's or Prima?

            Paul's Homewood Cafe is in the Homewood neighborhood of Annapolis, on West St. Prima, not unexpectedly for a food distributor, is in a light industrial area of east Baltimore.

            If you're looking for any kind of demographic information - sorry, not going there.

      2. re: crackers

        I've not been to Chris' yet but I hear it's very good! I was thinking of going there today just to get a take out order of the Taromasalata.