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Jul 25, 2008 10:37 AM

What's the best bakery in Chicago for sweets?

I have a taste for something sweet, whether it be a cupcake, lemon bar or rice krispie treat. I am a huge devotee of Sweet Mandy B's but want to try something new. Recommendations, Chicago foodies? TIA!

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  1. The best bakery is one you here very little about, the House of Fine Chocolates, in Lakeview... This is a european style bakery, and they make the best danish and coffee cakes I have ever eaten- try the poppy, blueberry, and cherry- Also a huge variety of cakes and cookies, and they sell most of their cakes by the slice as well- love the german chocolate.

    Of Course, they are also known for their chocolates, and the truffles are as good if not better than you will find in Belgium, Staff is friendly and efficient.

    Located just North of Barry on Broadway, next door to the Bagel Restaurant

    1. Sweet Mandy B's is great but Sweet Thang (on North Avenue just east of Damen) is a French-style bakery that I like even better than Mandy's. I got a cake there for my husband's birthday a few years ago that had a passion-fruit filling that people are still raving about.

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        I believe that Sweet Thang is currently closed, but will be opening in another location soon.

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          I hadn't noticed. Please keep us informed when you find out when and where it will be re-opening..

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            According to their website, they will be opening soon at 2142 West Roscoe.

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                Anybody know whether Sweet Thang is now open at that address?

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                  The "new Sweet Thang" has closed. And it was not like the one at the previous address. You can read the whole sordid story at

        2. Twisted Sister on Wells just south of North

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            I totally agree w this. I especially love their Red Velvet Cupcakes (best anywhere IMHO) and their lime cornmeal cookies

          2. For breakfast pastries and butter cookies and cakes, my money is on Dinkel's on North Lincoln. Nothing gourmet, certainly – just an institution that's satisfied sweet tooths for decades.

            1. Try Bleeding Heart Bakery at Belmont and Damon. I've loved everything I've had there and they have a great selection. Its an organic bakery, but still produced very decadent food. Its a little pricey, but some of the items are huge and can be split.