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Jul 25, 2008 10:31 AM

Favorite potato salad

Need a new potato salad...the one I always make marinates overnight in French dressing, and is combined with sour cream, mayo, green onions, and pickles the next day...It's good, but I am tired of making this one, and would love a great mustard potato salad recipe, or any other kind as well, as long as it is really delicious....Thanks

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  1. This one is awesome especially with any grilled foods...Flo's Cilantro and Roasted Potato Salad...includes Creole mustard (I buy Zatarain's at grocery store here in SWFL)...and of course it helps if you like cilantro...another note, a good-quality mayonnaise is fine if you can't make your own:

    1. boiled potatoes (I prefer to use baby potatoes that don't need cut)
      cauliflower florets (as small as possible - I use just the tips), very lightly steamed
      sauted onions
      maybe some hard boiled eggs, but not necessary

      dressing: 1/2 cup mayo, 2-3 tbsp curry powder, 2-3 tbsp dijon (or anything but basic yellow, I often use Simply Natural stone ground) mustard, a splash of cider vinegar

      I'm really bad at recipes, so the veggies in this are in whatever quantity you want. I would probably use for each pound of potatoes maybe 1/3 c each of cauliflower and onions. The dressing amounts are very imprecise ratios, what curry powder and how much depend on what you like... If you make too much dressing, it is great on turkey burgers...

      1. my favorite: cut red potatoes - about 1-1/2 lbs. - into quarters, still in their skins, boil until tender but not mushy. peel & chop 2 whole shallots finely, chop about 3 tbs. of fresh thyme leaves. while potatoes are still hot, drizzle liberally with a good strong olive oil. add shallots and thyme, salt & pepper to taste. mix together. potatoes will mush up a bit but that's ok. this gets raves wherever i take it. it's my take on a classic French potato salad recipe. You could add some Dijon mustard too . . . but it is really flavorful as is, and can be eaten warm or room temperature.

        1. Here's my new favorite:

          Potato Salad w/ Mint and Peas

          Light and fresh, great for summer gatherings.

          1. My favourite is grilling red-skinned potatoes on the BBQ first for a hint of that great charred flavour. I add the dressing to them while still warm so they absorb flavours better. In addition to the usual I also add grainy mustard, fresh thyme, red wine vinegar, capers, pinch of sugar and pickle juice.