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Jul 25, 2008 10:26 AM

What to order at the Red Fort: The culture cuisine of India (Torrance)?

I'm currently on a mission to find my favorite Indian food in the south bay. I've tried Addi's and Akbar. Next on my list is the Red Fort. I've been reading good things about the Red Fort on other sites (but have only found a few reviews here - sorry if I missed more).

Have you been to the Red Fort and have some "must try" suggestions for me?

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  1. We went twice this week. First time to try out the buffet and see how it was overall. The goat curry was delicious with a hint of cinnamon. the chicken dishes were oh so yummy. Loved the yellow dal, chilies simmered in a sauce, and spinach. We tried a little of everything and liked all of it. They make the naan while you wait, get the garlic or take a look at the menu to order a specialty one. I ordered the eggplant off the regular menu our second go around. SUPER DELICIOUS! The ala cartes would be enough to serve 4 easily. Also tried a specialy naan and chicken dish. We ordered the spinach and unlike at buffet it was packed with paneer. If you are a fan you will like it, I prefer the spinach on it's own. It is a DEFINATE must try. Plotting my next trek there as we speak, hehe.

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      I can't wait! Thank you for the mouthwatering reply.

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        Hey I'll meet you there, I am wanting to try the Samosas and Shrimp!!!

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          Speaking of their Samosas, I was perusing the menu online and cracked up reading the description of Samosas:
          "A lovely snack for any day when you're just a little more than nibbly and a little less than hungry."

          Ah, good stuff!

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        I think it's sad you "reported" these posts.

      3. Wow, so much drama over a little strip mall Indian place. I have been there a number of times. Buffet is "eh" for me. I wouldn't go out of my way for it. But the made to order stuff on the dinner menu is what I would recommend. Is it 'rock your world" Indian? No. There are better places in West LA, Artesia, etc. But I find it very good for South Bay standards and a great place for locals. Some of their items are unique and all-in-all quite solid. I don't order fried things so I can't speak to hound who complained about the appetizers. What I can say is that they have a certain authenticity to the sauces which I really appreciate. Lots of flavor and well-seasoned. I could not believe how moist the prawns were. And their off-menu herb naan was amazing. I especially recommend the Chicken Saag. It was very thick with chopped and pureed spinach and unlike other Indian places was not drowning in too much cream/butter. Yes it contains both white and dark meat chunks. Yes there was "gristle" on the dark meat parts that came from the leg. But I appreciated that this chicken clearly was hand-prepped and not pre-frozen/packaged junk like most cheap Indian restaurants do these days. (Has anyone watched Kitchen Nightmares lately?) It was juicy and succulent. And for the record, some cultures consider the chicken cartilage a delicacy. My husband adores it. ShinSenGumi and other teppanyaki places actually have it a la carte. He always gets several. If you missed it here was my earlier post on Redfort: