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Jul 25, 2008 09:35 AM

simple preparation for good tomatoes

I picked up a few pints of small, delicious tomatoes. Any suggestions on a very simple preparation? They will be my salad/veg tonight next to grilled salmon and sweet corn. THANKS!

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  1. halve the tomatoes and gently toss them with a little evoo, local honey, sea salt & fresh pepper.

    1. Slice, sprinkle with salt, drizzle with olive oil, top with fresh mozzarella and some basil...

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        2nd the basil & mozza, one of my fave ways to eat tomatoes in season - so long as the mozzarella is fresh. Another way we like fresh tomatoes is cut into chunks, tossed with cucumber olive oil, rice vinegar and s&p. Either would be wonderful with salmon I think. :)

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          Throw all that between some good bread and you're cooking...or not (!). I often omit the mozzarella, though.

        2. The cook where we stayed in France cut tomatoes into bite-sized chunks - sideways into halves or thirds first, then cut each slice across into squarish pieces. Then she just tossed with salt and olive oil, and let it sit out, covered with a towel to keep the bugs off, for an hour or so until mealtime. I add some pepper, a splash of wine vinegar, and whatever fresh herbs I have handy and want. Either basil or thyme is good. Simple is best...

          You can also slice each tomato in half, squeeze on some garlic, salt & pepper, then drizzle w/ olive oil and run under the broiler (or toaster oven!) for a few minutes. When I do this in my toaster oven, I set it on BROIL and then turn the toast timer all the way over. The skins slip right off when they're done, too. This is so good with lamb or grilled chicken.

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          1. A preparation that has proven very popular with guests at our house is: halve the tomatoes and dump out the seeds, place them cut side up in a baking dish, lightly fill the cavity with a mixture of bread crumbs, basil or oregano, salt, pepper and olive oil, and either roast or broil until the top is browned and the tomatoes begin to release their juice.

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              i do this to but also add just tiny bit of Parmasen cheese...yummy

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                i think the op might be talking about cherry/grape size tomatoes? because they were sold in PINTS? if so, then individually seeding/stuffing several pints of little tomatoes would probably not qualify as a "very simple" preparation, tho i agree that the preparation you mention is great for bigger or mid-size tomatoes. even roasted/broiled/grilled tomato halves with evoo, s&p is outstanding.

              2. If you're talking about baby tomatoes, I'm a huge fan of squashed tomato salad:
                squish tomatoes in a bowl with your hands (can get a bit messy) then mix squashed tomatoes and their juices with salt, pepper and a bunch of olive oil. Let sit for about an hour. At least as good if not better then next day.

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                  Sounds like panzanella without the bread!