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Jul 25, 2008 09:32 AM

Best Chinese in Des Moines

We're blessed with a lot of good Asian joints in town, particularly Thai and Vietnamese. The only decent Chinese I've found in town is the Mandarin for sit-down and Taste of China for takeout. We tried Hunan Palace and were disgusted and don't think much of the all-you-can -eat buffets in terms of quality. What am I missing?

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  1. Have you tried Saigon Cafe on 86th? I haven't been for awhile but I always thought it was great. That place in Waukee is good - I think it's called Shanghai. It's strip mall Chinese but it's very good and at least they have some options beyond kung pao chicken and mongolian beef. Jade Garden in Ankeny has really good egg rolls.

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      I haven't tried Saigon Cafe but I always assumed it wasn't Chinese since, well, Saigon isn't in China. Silly reason to steer clear of it because I do like Chinese but I've always gone to A Dong when that's what I wanted.

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        They actually do have a Chinese menu as well. :) The Vietnamese food is my preference there (love the noodles), but the Chinese dishes have been very good. And it's run by a nice family, which is always a bonus.