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Walkerswood Jerk seasoning?

Hello fellow Chowhounders -

Is it possible to find some walkerswood jerk seasoning in the east bay? I've called around to all the costplus' around the hood, however no one seems to have it. I have a huge desire for some jerk chicken this weekend and want to invite people over. Is it possible? I live in Oakland, so any place around this area would be preferable.

Thanks in advance!

Chicken without a jerk

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  1. I got mine at costplus here in Hillsdale, but my sister mentioned that BevMo may have it. You may want to call your local one.

    1. You might try Art's Jamaican Market in Oakland. Address on this link.

      They have the most Jamaican groceries that I've seen in the bay area. Quite a few people also like the patties they have. Other than that you might try Jack's meat in the Housewives Market in old Oakland or one of the stores around Jack's. They tend to lean more toward African/Creole but, IIRC, there was a little Carribean there. I think that Art's would be the best bet.

      1. I've purchased Walkerswood at one of the Caribbean markets on 8th Street in Oakland. I can't remember if it was the Oriental Lucky Mart or one of the others. If they've run out of WW, they have about five other brands to choose from. There are a couple of similar shops within the block. I remember one of the small shops that also rents videos had a case of WW too. Good luck with your bbq.

        1. Not East Bay, but I picked up jar at the SF Cost Plus just two days ago. They also have Walkerswood BBQ sauce.

          1. I've seen it at a couple of CostPlus's on the Peninsula side of the bay. I like some of Steve Raichlen's recipe's for jerk (there is one in most of his books, they are all a little different) if you want to make it fresh. Walkerswood has too much clovish taste I think for me, but obviously it hits all the right notes because it is authentic.

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              Unfortunately, Cost Plus SF told me they have not carried since, I guess, Xiao Yang picked up a jar. I'll have to drive to Oakland to find it unless someone has another suggestion.

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                I'll sell ya a jar. Just kidding...I'm hoarding it for myself. :)

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                  Haha, it's worth hoarding. I discovered that Whole Foods carries "Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub." When I tasted it on rice directly (yes, I'm a complete addict!), it tasted tart but also slightly sweet.

                  Turns out Busha Browne uses "cane vinegar" -- which I assume is the sweetness culprit. I'm going to have to go to Oakland tomorrow to score Walkerswood! :)

            2. OK more scoop on Walkerswood. Just spoke to the people at Art's Jamaican Market in Oakland. Walkerswood is out of business! And people have completely depleted Art's stock of the jerk seasoning. This royally sux! :(

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                Thanks for the scoop - I'm in northeast Ohio & I always found the Walkerswood jerk seasoning & BBQ sauce at World Market. I was at World Market not too long ago & didn't find any Walkerswood products & wondered why....discovered this culinary jewel on a trip to Jamaica a few years ago. What are we going to use as a substitute?? Any ideas??? I suppose we could make our own but that's so time consuming...I wonder if Walkerswood could sell their "recipe" to Penzey's or Trader Joes??

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                  I picked up some walkerwood jerk sauce yesterday at the "oriental" market around the corner from Ratto's in Oakland. The front of the store says oriental, caribean, and african food. In addition to jerk seasonings and sauces, they had various flours, spices, meats, preserved fish and vegetables

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                    This post stopped my heart! No jerk sauce I've ever seen compares to Walkerswood! So I went searching and came across this article from last month...
                    It appears Walkerswood is alive and kickin' (it up a notch), thanks be, but just in case I bought 3 six bottle cases!

                  2. Any sightings on the mid-peninsula? I'm so bummed that cost plus no longer carries it.

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                      Update: Walkerswood Jerk Seasoning is back in business. Bushka Brown can not be compared to Walkerswood, Brown has no kick, if you are looking for hot, Walkerswood it is the bomb. I rub vegt. oil on my chicken and then coat chicken, sm. amt for light taste, I like my lips,tongue and nostrils to burn, so I coat my chicken thick with the marinade. Most of these request are from 2008-2009 so I hope they check back looking for Walkerswood. Most of the Jamaician stores in the bay area should be stocked at this time. World Market now carries sauce again, they could be out due to demand. Sacramento area: Red Star Market on Florin Rd/East Pkwy 916-391-4290. This store is wonderful, they carry Caribbean products from all countries even Africian and Asian products. This store is well worth the visit. Empanada Disc available here, which are hard to find in the Sac area. Happy Eating. The Jamaician Addicted Lady!

                    2. I found Walkerswood Traditional Jamaican Jerk Seasoning at Draeger's in Blackhawk, so I figure the original Draegers' on the peninsula also carries it. I have a goat leg seasoned with the jerk paste since yesterday and it's going on the barbie today. I would make the jerk paste myself -- it's easy enough -- but getting a reliable source for scotch bonnet peppers is difficult in the Bay Area. Art's Jamaican Market on Broadway in Oakland carries these peppers occasionally but I wish the supply was more reliable because they taste way much better than habaneros.

                        1. Hope you still have the same email. Update: World Market in
                          SF carries it, but as of today 2/15 they are out, new order should be in late Feb. Walkerswood went out of business, someone else took over company, thats why you could not find it for over a year. Luckily I come home from Jamaica with several bottles, my next to last bottle which I am almost out of, last for over 2 yrs, still fresh, keep in fridge once open. Irie Mon!

                          1. I have no idea if it is available outside of Jamaica but Taries Original Jerk Seasonings makes Walkerswood taste like ketchup. Seriously. Taries is produced in the original home of Jerk, Boston, Portland Parish, Jamaica. Listed ingredients: peppers (surely scotch bonnet), escallion, salt, thyme, pimento, cinnamon, nutmeg, onion, meat seasoning, all perpose (sic) seasoning, vineger (sic.) It is refrigerator shelf stable seemingly forever, completely authentic with not a bow to gentler sensibilities, hotter than blazes, deeply flavored and absolutely delicious. This stuff makes the best jerked anything, (oven or outdoor grill) I even use to make jerk beanie weinies. Just remember because of the very assertive flavor and heat, a little goes a long way.

                            My supply comes by way of my husband who goes to Jamaica 2x a year (we have a cottage in Portland not far from Boston Beach.) Perhaps one of the markets mentioned on this post could special order it or get someone to bring some back next trip. Believe me, if you like jerk, its worth almost anything to get Taries, the real deal.

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                              If you have someone going to Jamaica here's a link to order it.

                              1. re: wolfe

                                The spicy marinade in the big bottle is so much tastier than the smaller jar of seasoning. It's the best of any I've ever tasted. I still have a stash I bought online during the period it was unavailable and not being made.

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                                  People should spend more time in Oakland. There is pretty much every ethnicity represented here in a shop of some sort.

                                  You can pick up several Jamaican seasonings including Walkerswood, and several others at Art's. You can also call ahead to get a Jamaican meat patty heated up. All items they have are direct from Jamaica and they even have Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans.

                                  They have several Walkerswood products, but I agree I only get the bottles.

                                  Art's Jamaican Market (now Minto's)
                                  4042 Broadway, Oakland, CA

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                                      Sorry, Sorry.... Not Art's. Was Art's, but Minto bought them out. They still carry everything though. Was Art's for so long still think about it as such.

                                      Same place, same inventory, same patties, same phone, different owner & name.

                            2. Hi folks, thanks for all your answers, I ordered a whole batch of Walkerswood from Amazon.com awhile ago. Very happy again! :) No longer live in the Bay Area, so all those Oakland posts are no help to me, but thanks anyway!

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                                I don't know if you're interested, but I just called Minto's and he said that you could place an order with him over the phone and mail him a check and he'd mail you the product if you couldn't make his store. He said he can't take credit card orders over the phone because he doesn't have a system that can do that.

                              2. Actually just bought some in Oakland at the African Caribbean store on 8th street or so in Oakland off Broadway a few blocks. Love that stuff. You should jerk a rabbit with that stuff so good!!