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Jul 25, 2008 09:29 AM

Walkerswood Jerk seasoning?

Hello fellow Chowhounders -

Is it possible to find some walkerswood jerk seasoning in the east bay? I've called around to all the costplus' around the hood, however no one seems to have it. I have a huge desire for some jerk chicken this weekend and want to invite people over. Is it possible? I live in Oakland, so any place around this area would be preferable.

Thanks in advance!

Chicken without a jerk

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  1. I got mine at costplus here in Hillsdale, but my sister mentioned that BevMo may have it. You may want to call your local one.

    1. You might try Art's Jamaican Market in Oakland. Address on this link.

      They have the most Jamaican groceries that I've seen in the bay area. Quite a few people also like the patties they have. Other than that you might try Jack's meat in the Housewives Market in old Oakland or one of the stores around Jack's. They tend to lean more toward African/Creole but, IIRC, there was a little Carribean there. I think that Art's would be the best bet.

      1. I've purchased Walkerswood at one of the Caribbean markets on 8th Street in Oakland. I can't remember if it was the Oriental Lucky Mart or one of the others. If they've run out of WW, they have about five other brands to choose from. There are a couple of similar shops within the block. I remember one of the small shops that also rents videos had a case of WW too. Good luck with your bbq.

        1. Not East Bay, but I picked up jar at the SF Cost Plus just two days ago. They also have Walkerswood BBQ sauce.

          1. I've seen it at a couple of CostPlus's on the Peninsula side of the bay. I like some of Steve Raichlen's recipe's for jerk (there is one in most of his books, they are all a little different) if you want to make it fresh. Walkerswood has too much clovish taste I think for me, but obviously it hits all the right notes because it is authentic.

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              Unfortunately, Cost Plus SF told me they have not carried since, I guess, Xiao Yang picked up a jar. I'll have to drive to Oakland to find it unless someone has another suggestion.

              1. re: ubercool

                I'll sell ya a jar. Just kidding...I'm hoarding it for myself. :)

                1. re: chilihead2006

                  Haha, it's worth hoarding. I discovered that Whole Foods carries "Busha Browne's Traditional Jerk Seasoning Rub." When I tasted it on rice directly (yes, I'm a complete addict!), it tasted tart but also slightly sweet.

                  Turns out Busha Browne uses "cane vinegar" -- which I assume is the sweetness culprit. I'm going to have to go to Oakland tomorrow to score Walkerswood! :)