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Move over Sal's, All ' Antica Pizza in Scarsdale!

We had the most wonderful pizza last night...from a tiny new place called All' Antica in Scarsdale. They are located at the train station in Depot Place. I think they make their pizza from a brick oven, nice crunchy thin crust. I believe they "reverse" the sauce and the cheese on their basic slice, therefore keeping the crust crispier and crunchy. Simple and outstanding!

Stopped by today and there was already a line out the door! I tried the Portobello slice with smoked mozzarella, marinated portabello mushrooms red onions and basil drizzled with balsamic. Fantastic! And the Contadini slice with prosicutto and thinly sliced potato!

I hope you all try it and enjoy....would love for this place to stick around!!!

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  1. I also tried this new pizza place, I was never really a fan of Sal's pizza but it was a good place to go to with my friends. All' antica, is awesome. I really enjoyed the chicken slice that I had along with the contadini slice that was described above...I would really recommend this place to everyone.
    All'antica = my new favorite pizza place. :0)

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      The best pizza EVER!! The thin crust doesn't make you feel so bloated and heavy like other pizza places. So after having great pizza, I had to try the meatball and chicken parm. The meatball and chicken Parm wedges are better than my own mothers. They really have great great food that is so fresh. The house salad would be considered a gourmet salad at other places. You have to try this place....amazing!!!!

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        After reading the original post, thought we would try this place since we are new to westchester and new to chowhound. I must say that having grown up in Mamaroneck and remembering Sal's (haven't been there in years) we had the portobello pizza and it was absolutely fantastic. Can't really compare to Sal's since I havent been there in ages and maybe becuase its like comparing apples and oranges, but this place in my opnion is even better than that pizza place in the east village that people wait for hours in line to taste.

        We are trying Sal's this week so will report back on how it stacks up and if Sals has the same great pizza!

        thanks for the rec.

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          get their sicilian, Sal's that is. It's what makes them special in my mind.

    2. Ditto to everyone... this place really is THAT good! The unique combination of toppings really just made me fall in love <33

      I got the portabello slice (portabello mushroom, smoked mozz, red onions, basil, and balsamic vinegar) AND the eggplant and gorgonzola slice. HOLY CRAP.... my mouth was really happy.

      And like another poster said, it really didn't make me feel bloated like other greasy pizzas do. The crust is super thin and crunchy.... NO FLOP WHAT SO EVER!!!

      Im so happy to have a good pizza place close by!

      Chuckaroo.... All'Antica= my new favorite pizza place too!

      I took really nice pics!! Check them out... check out my blog too!


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        Heres another pic... sorry for the blurry one before!

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            After seeing those mouth-watering pictures, I think I'm going to have to try this place and see if its really is that good! Thanks for the post and thanks for those pictures, Miki! Can't wait to try this place when I get home tonight!!!

            1. re: Sammy Diaz

              Please let us know what you think! The guy also said that we HAVE to try a plain pie right out of the oven.... so i definitely will report back on that!

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                Hey Miki and all...tried the plain pie out of the oven last night. SUPERB!
                All' Anticca = my favorite pizza place too! even better than the thin crust at napoletana in the city. The guys there are really friendly too! I don't see all the huype with Sal's, this place should have a line out the door! Thanks for the pics and the tip! your blog is fantastic...keep it up! and keep taking pictures ;0)

          2. re: MikiLovesSugar

            Your pictures of pizza are awesome ...they really do this delicious pizza justice!

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            My friend got her hair cut in Scarsdale last week and I asked her to swing by and pick up a couple of slices of whatever looked good. She brought the exact two slices Miki spoke of above.
            The portabello slice was my fave. OMG A-mazing! The balsamic glaze or vinegar on top totally makes the slice. It brought all the flavors together so beautifully. I had to crisp it up in the toaster and the middle bottom of the crust could have been crisper. I bet fresh out of the oven at the store it would be killer.
            I can't wait to go and try it on the spot. I also want to try that orzo dish. Sounds sooo yummy!

          4. Went here today for lunch and agree that the pizza is very, very good. I had 2 slices-- an eggplant slice and a chicken slice. The chicken one was tasty and had excellent ingredients, but a bit too heavy for my liking. The eggplant slice was just fantastic! Crisp and light and flavorful. Everything else I didn't try looked so good I'll definitely be back.

            1. After reading all the rave reviews from the Hounds here, we had to tried All'Antica tonight. It is THE best pizza in Westchester. We had the Portobello (smoked mozzarella, marinated portobello, red onion, basil, balsamic glaze), Melanzana (mozzarella, eggplant, plum tomato, basil, Gorgonzola) and Contadini (mozzarella, sliced potatoes, prosciutto, herbs). The slices are thin but not cracker thin. The crust is crunchy yet has a nice bite. The toppings are generous and distributed all the way to the edge. It's almost perfect even if they were reheated slices. The service is excellent as well. It's my pizza destination from now on.

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                Glad you guys enjoyed...we had the chicken scarpariello the other day and that was fantastic as well! But the pizza really is something special. I think these guys are onto something!

              2. I ate here again last night.... How am i so blessed to be living on the same street where the best bakery (Lulu's) and pizza place (HERE...All' Antica!) is!

                I HAD to have the plain pie straight out of the oven because everyone was raving about it. HOLY CRAP! It was like perfection! the right amount of sauce, the right amount of cheese, the perfect amount of CRUNCH! The sauce was really really delicious and in my opinion made the pizza heavenly.
                I also HAD to try the Contadini slice... brilliant! I am not the biggest fan of potatoes... i tend to skip on french fries, baked potatoes, and mashed potatoes unless im REALLY craving it. But the way the potatoes were used in this slice was delish! The thin potato slices were also cooked perfectly... It was not mush, it actually had a nice bite to it. I also thought it was gonna be bland.... i was so wrong. The slice was so flavorful! The herbs and the proscuitto really spiced up the slice! It was just so creative!

                We also got a sampling of the Baked Orzo... we were getting full by the time this came out so we didnt finish it but next time, i would definitely make a meal out of this! It was creamy but really refreshing and not heavy at all because of the little chunks of vegetable!

                I can't wait to try more things!

                And here are some photos!

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                1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                  Great pics Miki....I can't wait to try this place.....looks like they have the two elements that I crave in a pie....crispy crust and an even dispersement of sauce and cheese....

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                    I had the chicken slice since the margarita was not available by the slice, and for some reason, the plain cheese slice wasn't out. I thought that it was quite good -- better than a lot I've had locally -- but I have to try the margarita before I add it to the pantheon!

                    1. re: roxlet

                      It's too bad they don't have margherita by the slice. But make sure you eat it right out of the oven! By the time we got home it had lost a lot of the good crunch. It was still delicious though!

                    2. re: MikiLovesSugar

                      Pizza AND Lulu's???? I'm envious, how do you stay so slim!!! WIll have to try the Baked Orzo next time, thats one of my favorites!

                    3. Are they open on Mondays? Would love to get a slice....

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                      1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                        If I remember correctly, they are open Mon-Sat til 10PM.

                        1. re: pabboy

                          Yup, I called and they're open till 10 today. Thanks!

                          1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                            Had to try this place with all the raves, so we stopped by today... wow, that crust! Got a few plains and one of the ones with potato and prosciutto ... the crust on the slices was just amazing, and I loved the flavor of the sauce on the plain. The guys at the counter are VERY nice!

                            1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

                              Yeah the guys are SUPER nice, and they are so into the food its so cute! Next time, you GOTTA try the eggplant ad gorgonzola cheese one! And definitely the portabella mushroom one!

                              1. re: MikiLovesSugar

                                Is there a TV in this place? I'd love to be able to watch the Yanks while enjoying a slice or five.


                                1. re: peterwcramp

                                  I don't recall seeing a TV, but i could be totally wrong. I was so focused on my food that everything else was a blur hahah. But FYI... the place is SMALL!!! 3 tables... so go there at a random hour if you wanna sit and enjoy your pizza at a table!

                      2. I decided to give this place a try tonight with my boyfriend. There were plenty of pros, but a few cons as well. We got a margherita pie.


                        The crust was amazing. So crispy and really delicious. The sauce (what I could taste of it, but more on that later) was good.

                        Wonderful service. The guys there, brothers perhaps, were so sweet and really cared about what we thought about the food, as oppossed to Sal's, where they act like they are God and you are the humble servants eating their amazing pizza. The guys here were very nice and down to earth.


                        The big one that I had was that there was way too much garlic on the pizza. Literally 3 or 4 big chunks per bite. It really took away from the taste of the pizza. You looked down at the slice and it was covered in garlic.

                        Place is small. But when the weather is nice, you can take your pizza to the Bronx river, a short walk, a sit on a bench or on the stones, and it would make a nice dinner atmosphere.

                        So I would try this place again because of the great crust, wonderful service, but I would have to talk to them about their overuse of garlic.

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                        1. re: chloe4ever

                          Have you been talking to my wife? She doesn't like the abundance of garlic as well. But I love it! I'll prob head back again tomorrow to try out something else on the menu.

                          1. re: pabboy

                            Can't you request "easy on the garlic" when you order the pizza? Ostensibly it's made to order, so I would think that there wouldn't be a problem customizing the pizza for their customer's tastes...

                            1. re: roxlet

                              I am sure that you can request little garlic, no garlic, heavy garlic, etc...And that is what I am planning on doing next time. But for a first time customer who had no idea that the pizza would have that much garlic, it was too overwhelming and it took away from the great pizza that it was. I smelled the garlic as the pie was heading to my table, not to mention that I "tasted" it for hours after!

                            2. re: pabboy

                              I have not been talking with your wife, but I am sure she is lovely and of course has great taste in food since she agrees with my own!

                              I will be going back as well; I want to try out some of the other pizza options.

                              1. re: chloe4ever

                                Please don't request a change in their garlic...I think the pizza here is PERFCTION. Just go back to Sal's (just kidding) And frankly I don't care if the place is small, since its so damn good!

                                This place has got to be the BEST pizza in Westchester! I am in love with the pizza with potatoes on it!

                                Thanks for the post TunaFan and the gorgeous pics MikiSugar. ;o)

                                1. re: winston669

                                  winston669, I'm in your garlic corner buddy! I told those guys today NOT to change a single thing!

                                  1. re: winston669

                                    Sorry, I going to make that garlic change request.....lol....gulping big bites of garlic is not my idea of pizza perfection, especially when everything else about the pizza if terrrific (best crust in Westchester).

                                    And I don't care if the place is small, especially when the weather is nice, and like I mentioned, you can eat outside in a great setting.

                                    But the great thing about this place is that the guys seem to really care about your opinions...and since I am not shy, you better believe that I will speak up next time I visit!

                                    1. re: chloe4ever

                                      Since the margheritas are made to order, I'm sure they can satisfy both your and me.... unless.... the garlic is already in the sauce.

                                      I need to stop reading this thread! I'm craving a slice right now and it's only 9:15AM.

                              2. re: chloe4ever

                                My wife and I tried this place a couple of weeks ago and were delighted with the pizza and the service. First class ingredients prepared by people who really care about pizza. We'll definitely return.

                                1. re: westender

                                  The contadini slice is better than the Sullivan Street Bakery's version in SoHo. Its my new most favorite thing on earth. I absolutely LOVE this place. Sal's can't even hold a candle to this pizza shop!

                              3. My mouth was watering reading all these posts about All' Antica! So we traveled down from Connecticut to try it for ourselves...we were NOT disappointed, in fact, it exceeded our expectations! We had the Melanzana (wonderful), the Contadini (amazing) and the Portobello (outstanding). We made room to taste the meatballs, which were as good as my Great Aunt Mary's (no small feat!). Can't wait to go back! This is a very special place and you can tell the guys really take pride in what they do...and they should be proud!

                                1. just tried All' antica. One word...AWESOME!!!. If you love thin crust, this is the place! I had the chicken and the regular. Both were awesome. On regular pizza, the sauce and cheese are reversed to give a crispier texture. The place only has a few tables. Be ready to wait at busy times. The owner said he is busy during lunch time 12-2 and dinner is mainy busy on Thurs-Sat. I went around 2:30 and only one other person there. I would definitely wait for a slice! Big FYI...They are CLOSED SUNDAYS.

                                  1. Just had dinner. It was great! We had one plain slice. Loved the reversed cheese and sauce, it was a great thin slice. We also had the eggplant, basil, and gorgonzola slice. That was great as well. The owner's could not have been nicer! A great place, will definitely be back.

                                    1. On Saturday night, i got to try a special slice thats not on there menu!! LASAGNA slice!! Sorry about the picture... its not as sexy cuz i didn't have my camera with me (I took it with my i-phone). Nonetheless, the picture doesnt matter... the slice itself was delish!! Of course the crust was nice and crisp, and the ricotta and (super flavorful) bolognese sauce were dispersed perfectly with just the right amount of topping in each bite! My brother also got to try a special slice last week... a shrimp scampi... damn him! I get so excited every time i go to eat here because i always try something new and im ALWAYS very happy with my decisions!

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                                        Was there recently, tried the portebello slice and loved it. They had a new pizza which was a special: caprese with fresh roma tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, fresh basil and a little sauce on top. Almost like eating a salad, very nice. They said it will be on the menu soon.

                                        Want to try the orzo primavera mentioned above! It's on the menu as a side order for $8. Some big guys at the table next to mine were chowing down on the pasta with bolognese sauce, and it looked like a bottomless bowl (made a great side dish to their loaded pizza!).

                                      2. Finally got here and couldn't agree more. Gorgonzola eggplant slice and portobella, smoked mozzarella were both uniquely delicious, wonderfully complex combination of intense, fresh flavors. Plain pie straight out of the oven was phenomenal. All crusts were crispy, crispy, crispy - even the reheated slices. Eight year old daughter proclaimed the pepperoni roll the best she's ever had and she's had a lot of them. Noted that it wasn't the pepperoni that made it so special but the crust and the balance of the ingredients. Guys behind the counter - super nice.

                                        I don't consider this a comparable pizza place to Sal's. It's apples and oranges. Sal's is what it is and for those who love Sicilian and the neighborhoody cultiness of it, it will always be an institution. For those who are seeking excellent and innovative brick oven pizza, All' Antica is the way to go again and again and again...

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                                          That eggplant, gorgonzola slice is good.. So is the contadini and also the pesto but today I tried a shrimp slice there which was excellent. Maybe my favorite slice that I've had there so far. I'll have to go back and do more research to confirm. :-)

                                          I don't even pass through Scarsdale too often but I try and make a point of stopping there when I do. Today for instance I caught Lulu's just as they were closing and picked up some Marble poundcake to bring to thanksgiving tomorrow. And since I was just a block away...

                                          The only problem is pies get cold during the 20 minute drive home from there. Today I got around that by ordering for takeout a Tostara sandwich (eggplant, mozzarella, prosciutto) and for my kids - Penne with Marinara which was a nice sauce, good amount of garlic.

                                        2. another place you would probably like over that way is Cassano's 230 E.hartsdale in hartsdale, had a slice at each today and both better than the avg.pizza shop ,either one is far better than sal's , even if he is closer

                                          1. Finally made it here - haven't found any better pizza in Westchester although it's a much different slice than Sal's. I had the chicken slice and look forward to trying the others

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                                            1. re: rlee323

                                              Well, I was thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close, but they were closed.

                                              I slogged through the none-too-well cleaned slush in Scarsdale to find this place, but I was too early. The girl at Lulu's who told me where it was recommended the potato slice. Yum.

                                              But hey, at least I now know where they are. Meanwhile, is Mike's deli nearby? I'll kick myself if it is and I didn't stop in.

                                              Scarsdale is a mystery to me.

                                              1. re: dolores

                                                Scarsdale is indeed a mystery! Especially when it come to food and dining....now that I'm crazing a slice of that contadini potato slice and they are closed on Sundays!!!

                                                1. re: RawTunaFan

                                                  +1 on the big thumbs up for this place. Tried it today. Had a slice of the portobello and a slice of the chicken. Outstanding crust - nicely charred and not dried out at all. Great flavor all round. Seriously surprised how good it was. I can only think of pepe's in New Haven as a rival to this. I will be back to try out the rest of the menu.

                                                  1. re: Scotty100

                                                    Damn...I might have to drive back over there again tonight for another slice of that pollo classico...man it was good...:)

                                                    1. re: Scotty100

                                                      I'm a regular there, highly recommend trying the pasta too. Linguini with bolognese sauce is outstanding.

                                                      1. re: bdr

                                                        They have tables? I thought it was just a takeout place.

                                                        1. re: dolores

                                                          There are 2-3 tables. No one ever really stays there to eat and if they do it's only for a few minutes to polish off those wonderful slices.

                                                          1. re: pabboy

                                                            So pasta is takeout? Hmmm. Okay.

                                                            1. re: dolores

                                                              we had the shrimp scampi pizza fpr lunch. INCREDIBLE!

                                                              1. re: christinepierce

                                                                Finally tried this on Saturday - it was terrific! I had the eggplant/gorgonzola slice, and I will definitely be back to try more.

                                                                1. re: scarsdalesurprise

                                                                  Christine -- the shrimp scampi pizza is our new favorite. we absolutely loved it!

                                            2. From Westchester Magazine:
                                              Pedigree Pies
                                              Whether baked over coal or wood, topped with clams, eggs, or plain ol’ cheese, we deliver the best pizza in the county.

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                                              1. re: Jon1856

                                                Had a new slice there, for me anyway. Pesto with cherry tomatoes and Parm cheese, I think. My new fave.

                                              2. All'Antica is open on Sunday from 12:30 to 8:00. The specialty pies here are awesome..the pizza bianco , the melanzana (eggplant with gorgonzola) are great. As a matter of fact, I've eaten there twice this week!
                                                The plain (pizza Antica) is good, but still doesn't compare to Johnny's (the gold standard of plain pie) in Mt Vernon. However, the guys who work there are much nicer than the family at Johnny's, and you can get slices at All'Antica.
                                                Yes they do reverse the cheese and sauce...that's a trick I learned from Johnny's to keep the crust thin and crunchy.

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                                                1. re: NoMartha

                                                  did u have a pie or just a plain slice? pie is the way to go if you want to compare to johnnys

                                                2. I am so sad! Based on everyone's rave reviews, my husband and I went today with our daughter. There's really no place to sit! Nobody mentioned it was just a few stools and 2 bench/booths. I guess we'll have to go another time or just do take out. Boo-hoo! The pizza looked damned good, but I had to find someplace we could feed my daughter. They don;t have a highchair, but that's ok b/c we keep a booster seat in the car, but our booster can't attach to a bench.

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                                                  1. re: MRS

                                                    I just don't get that either. There are a million awful pizza places in this county - and a decent one doesn't have a proper place to sit. I can't understand why they picked that location.

                                                    1. re: demifast

                                                      It's a good location for commuters, right by the train and all. But it IS tight, not a family place on crowded weekend day. Summer will be fine, there are benches in the area.
                                                      Maybe they can expand into the acupuncture place some day.

                                                      1. re: bdr

                                                        I noticed they added a few outdoor tables.

                                                  2. Took my son there on Sunday for a slice to see what all the buzz was about. Very very disappointed. Brick oven maybe...but the crust was flavorless. Even a regular slice (yes yes, reverse cheese/sauce) was OK...but the tomatoes were insipid, the cheese flavorless and my son's slice (spinach & chopped tomato) was just plain bad. There are only 2.5 tables and a small shallow counter (not that it mattered, it was late on Sunday and they were empty) but the pizza was a disappointment. Back to Sal's I go ( 2 silician + mushrooms & onions, side of salad pizza if I can manage) until I find a place that REALLY knows how to make proper pizza. Having grown up in Italy for a good party of my life, I think i know good pizza from so-so...

                                                    Oh well.

                                                    1. Had a margherita pie fresh from the oven and was underwhelmed. Sorry, but it just didn't light my fire. We visited Lucali in Brooklyn over the weekend and it just doesn't compare...not even in the same universe. Antica uses fresh ingredients but somehow the sauce is a bit too tart and the crust (a uniform dark brown color underneath) too crisp for my taste. I agree with the previous poster that the crust is flavorless. Johnny's in Mount Vernon is way better although the closest destination pie to me in Dobbs Ferry right now is definitely Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Ave. in the Bronx. The four cheese pizza served at Zero Otto Nove is truly world class, maybe even better than Lucali.

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                                                      1. re: budinado

                                                        budinado -- Closer than Zero Otto Nove to Dobbs Ferry is Tarry Lodge in Port Chester. I have been very impressed with their pizzas, and they just made GQ's list of the top pizzas in the US coming in at #11, I think. People rave about the guanciale, egg and truffle pie, which I have yet to try. The clam and the 4 cheese are sublime. I agree with you about All' Antica -- I have also been underwhelmed.

                                                        1. re: roxlet

                                                          Glad to see I'm not the only person who thinks All'Antica is not that great. I went back last week to see if it (or I) had changed. Nope: as budinado said above, fresh pie from the oven tasted...not great. Oh well.

                                                          Am now v intersted in seeing what Tarry Lodge's pizza tastes like...have to save up the $$$ though!

                                                          1. re: BAFU

                                                            Maybe not -- the pizzas at Tarry Lodge range from $10-14, pretty reasonable for the quality and it is possible to sit at the bar and drink water as your beverage! I find it is quite easy to be seated at lunch time.

                                                            1. re: roxlet

                                                              Great! I think I know where I'm having lunch tomorrow....

                                                      2. All 'Antica is our 2nd place pizzeria in the area. Roma still remains #1 in my heart. Both places do not offer delivery so when we have a hankering, we usually do Roma. But they are closed on Mondays so All 'Antica is where it's at. A little pricey, IMHO, but still delicious AND very friendly...which is rare in Scarsdale.

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                                                          1. re: raider

                                                            Columbus Avenue, Tuckahoe. It is a very unique establishment ( kind of stuck in a time warp) The service can be bad to atrocious. But I find it fun to go there ( waitstaff is incompetent but usually really nice), its entertaining. The food sucks but I have a soft spot for the small ( six slice ) garlic, sausage and cherry pepper pizza. The small pies are better than the large, I think it has something to do with how thin they are.