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Jul 25, 2008 09:24 AM

La Poubelle fans?

La Poubelle is in my neighborhood, I really really want to like it, but everytime I go there I get turned off by the super rude staff and waaaay overpriced drinks. ($10 for Absolut, at least a dollar more than some of the most expensive places in town!) I'm not cheap, but I've also worked in bars, and know the difference between "markup" and "screwing the customers over". The food looks pretty good, I've never stayed there long enough to try it, just wondering if I should give it a go, or not even bother. I don't mind paying a lot for good food, and I can deal with attitude, but I don't want to have to do both of those things together. Thanks, CH's!

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  1. the food is not good. don't even try it. i've had frozen pizza that tasted better than theirs. not unless they've improved something within the last year. there's nothing redeeming about that place except it's been there forever and it's used be a decent late night place to go get a drink. but, the prices have gone way up so there's really nothing worth it. i know my beachwood friends still go there for a drink. poubelle=garbage!

    1. $10 for Absolut is not that expensive as call drinks go these days, but they are generally served in more upscale digs than poubelle would offer.
      While it may be in your neighborhood, avoiding any food from any of those places fronting on Franklin would be good advice. Walk, bike, or drive a bit further, any direction, and your stomach will thank you.
      The takeout section at Mayfair is better than virtually anything there, yet hardly has the ambiance you might want, to say nothing of the $10 Absolut.

      1. What they said. I live literally a block from those restaurants, and they're all uniformly awful. The only one I'll even walk into anymore is Birds, and only for a few beers. I'm not a huge fan of the scene either. I've never been to Cafe Stella, but from what I understand it's at least a few notches higher than La Poubelle and about a 5-10 min drive.

        1. I don't like La Poubelle either. Crap food and snotty service, but Birds is much, much worse. Their focus is booze, but their food is absolute swill.

          1. Thanks, probably won't eat at Poubelle anytime soon! Prizzi's is good, though. It is pretty disapointing to live near all these places, but to not want to eat at them!!