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Jul 25, 2008 08:43 AM

STEVIA: need advice re. substituting sugar for stevia

Hello! I need to substitute sugar for stevia in a tofu & cocoanut milk chocolate ice cream recipe because I can't find kosher-certified stevia. Also, the warnings on the labels make me a bit skeptical about stevia, and the cost is high.

My recipe calls for 1 tsp. of stevia, liquid or powder. Based on what I have read, about a tablespoon of sugar would be the right amount to substitute.

Am I correct? Any other suggestions?
Thanks, chowhounds.

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  1. My library indicates the ratio for Stevia to Sugar is 4/1 which, based on what you posted, would leave you 1 tsp short. But my experience (I do a lot of cooking for diabetics) tells me that the 3/1 ratio you're considering would probably give you a better result. For some reason, folks who write diabetic recipes seem to favor a higher level of sweetness than most of my clientele like.

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      Thank you so very much, todao.
      I think a lot of recipe writers put too much sweetener in their recipes. I don't like cloyingly sweet desserts---and I don't need the extra calories either. My pet peeve is globs of sugar glaze on coffee cakes and donuts. Argh!
      I truly appreciate your assistance.
      Have a great weekend, p.j.