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Jul 25, 2008 08:36 AM

Dinner around Starlight Theatre - KC

I will be going to starlight next week to see a show with my bro & sis. Any suggestions where we should meet for dinner? I'm not at all familiar with that area

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  1. Starlight is actually not in a great area and in fact, there aren't any restaurants right there. Your best bet would be to eat in Brookside... Carmen's is Italian and is amazing. No reservations, but call ahead for the list. There's a new place over there called Blue Grotto. I haven't been, but I've heard mixed reviews- it's a wood-fired pizza place.

    If totally necessary, you could try the plaza and just get on 71 from there. Good Luck!

    1. We usually eat on the Plaza then hop on Hwy 71 for the short drive to Starlight.

      1. Brookside/Waldo is your best bet - Starlight is a straight shot east on 63rd or Gregory Blvd. 75th Street Brewery, Waldo Pizza, The Gaf, Governor Stumpys and a new place, Cantina Del Ray are all in Waldo. Brookside - Blue Grotto, La Cucina di Mamma/Bella Napoli are both wood fired pizza, sushi/japanses right next door (can't think of the name) and Jalapeno's. Also, Avenues Bistro - a little more upscale than the others mentioned.

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          Spend the extra and go to Avenues. It is so good!

          I also like Joe D's Wine Bar but I've only had lunch there.

          1. re: amy_rc

            How could I forget about Joe D's? That is one of my favorites. Excellent food and wine.

        2. It looks like we will be going to Carmen's in Brookside. I'm excited, I've never been there. I think my sister has, not sure about my brother. Could you ask for better weather for Starlight? It's raining this morning but supposed to stop and the high is to be about 80.

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            Can't go wrong with Carmen's. I've prob eaten everything on the menu there over the past 4 years at least once and have never had a bad experience.

            1. re: clclark2000

              My bro and sis both had chix spiedini with two sauces and loved it. In fact one mentioned they could pick up the plate and lick it, the other one agreed. Sounded to me like they really liked it! I however, always having to be the different one, got the veal saltimbocca. It was just okay, I was not at all impressed. The sauce was like a congealed lemon gravy on the plate, not really too appetizing. The prices were also quite steep, with both dishes being around $20 each. We might as well have gone to Avenues. Oh well, that's on my list.