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Jul 25, 2008 08:22 AM

Visiting Memphis. Need restaurant rec near Wolfchase Galleria pls.

Looking for a restaurant with great food and around $15-20 a person. No bbq please cause we are going to the G-town Commisary earlier in the week. Thank you!

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  1. It's a few miles (and with Germantown Parkway traffic, 20 minutes sometimes) south of Wolfchase, but Tortugas Deli Mexicana is one of my favorite restaurants in Memphis. It's fast-serve (stand inline and order and pick it up) and it has quirky hours, but the food is fantastic. Not typical rice and beans or nachos Mexican. Don't even ask them. Other than that, as far as I know it's chain heaven out there. I'm sure you'll get some good recommendations for Bahama Breeze and J Alexanders and the fish chain.

    Wasabi sushi is out there (I believe). Go there before the average sekisui. Also I've heard of a Thai place.

    1. Sounds like either Tortugas or Bangkok Alley to me, although I don't really consider those "Near Wolfchase." If you're willing to eat more cheaply than $15-20 a person, there's a Gus' Fried Chicken, Huey's, and Dyer's. Everything else nearby is a chain.

      1. Try King Biscuit Diner on Dexter just west of Germantown Parkway. Just a couple of miles south of the mall. Very good--specially for breakfast, which is served till 4 pm on weekends.

        1. Gus's fried chicken is where I would go if you want to stay real close. Deli Mexicana is great and not too far away. It's on the way to G-town Commisary. Get the sea scallops sandwich if you go.

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            Deli Mexicana and Bangkok Alley are both good suggestions. There is also a decent Indian restaurant- Bombay House- in the shopping centery at Dexter and G'town parkway. I love their Karahi Chicken Saag. Milno's pizza is across the street at the same intersection--not bad NY style pizza. King Biscuit is good, too. There are other random Asian options- Chang's Bubble Tea cafe is on Macon, there is a place called Wasabi in one of those shopping centers, too, that is supposed to have passable sushi. I would NOT go to the Sekisui that is right up there for japanese--marginal at best. (I am told their other locations are better.) Also don't go to pei wei ( a chain)--mediocre and inconsistent.

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              Ooh- I forgot-- Osaka also has a restaurant on Macon Road at Germantown Pkwy-- good sushi there. YUM.

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                Darn it, one more thing-- next to the shopping center that has Osaka on Macon (everything is a strip mall there)-- Sheridan's custard. Delish!!