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Jul 25, 2008 07:17 AM

La Tortillaria

Finally made it there yesterday. It's on the north east corner across the north south street at the front entrance to the Western hospital.

Really nice people working there. All corn tortillas. I had: veggie tortilla with squash and corn. Conchinita pipil with onions and a pork in green sauce. Picked up a bag of their house fried nacho chips. Got a glass of jamaica juice.

Everythings delicious! The tortillas are spread with mashed black beans and a layer of white rice and then they put your toppings on. They are small but you get three for $6.50 and it's more than filling. The salsa toppings you apply yourself are great, the green is just fresh and tasty and the red is hot!

Def worth a visit. You can take your tortillas out front to eat on the patio, there are five stools inside but best to take it one block over to the park in Kensington and watch life walk past.

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  1. Good to hear.

    I love jamaica juice. Do they ladle it out of a big glass jug?

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    1. re: grandgourmand

      They do, and horchata too... usually they ladle it into "to go" cups that wait in the fridge, ready for the next few orders. If I order when there are no already-filled cups waiting, they'll ladle out a new one.

    2. I tried that new Conchinita pipil the other day, oh ya! Between that and the mole one I'm set...