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Jul 25, 2008 07:16 AM

Where to find Q or Fevertree Tonic?

Where can I find these premium tonics in the Boston area? It's gin and tonic season don't you know!

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  1. I saw Fever Tree at Formaggio in Cambridge. They have a few flavors, the bitter lemon is incredible.

    1. The Wine Gallery in Brookline Village has a great selection of tonics. I haven't been to their Kenmore Sq location but imagine they carry a lot of the same things.

      1. They serve Q at the bar at Rialto.

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          Does this mean when you order a G&T or a V&T or anything T-related at Rialto, you'll get Q? Because that means a lot to a person who's off HFCS. A whole lot, let me tell you!
          I can't even always get a proper drink (ie devoid of the awful stuff) in my own family's home, unless I bring the T myself, let alone at a bar! I've always wondered what a bar would do if I BMOT (brought my own tonic)! I'd love to know if there's a wonderful, blissful even, HFSC-free-G&T zone in town...

        2. I got Q tonic at Darwins in Harvard Square. If you go to the Q Tonic website, you'll find a list of retailers that sell this product.

          1. got some Q yesterday at Charles St. Liquors (across form Savenors).

            right now i'm having a Plymouth Gin and Q tonic
            can't say i taste a real difference over say CC or Schweppes but at over $8/4pack of 6.3oz bottles this will Not become my regular mixer.

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              The J&Q at Eastern Standard is my new favorite G&T. Junipero small batch Gin form Anchor Steam with a homemade? tonic water.