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Jul 25, 2008 07:06 AM

Great Brunch Options in DC?

My husband and I just moved to DC from Philly and don't know the area well (yet). My mom is coming to visit in a couple weekends and it's her birthday, so we'd like to take her out for a really great brunch. Any ideas? We don't mind shelling out $$$ as this is her b-day gift. Also, if possible we'd like to stay close to the Penn Quarter area. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  1. Tabard Inn had lovely ambience and good food for brunch. Homey, comfortable atmosphere. It is very popular for brunch. You should make a reservation if you decide to go there.

    1. Just got an email about the brunch at Coco Sala (929 F St. NW). $22 fixed price menu for a delicious-sounding spread:
      Bonus - it's served from 11am-6pm every Sunday!

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        Has anyone been to brunch at Coco Sala? I'm so curious!

      2. Not in Penn Quarter but my 2 favorite brunch spots are Bistro Bis on Capitol Hill and Tabard Inn (on the red line) in Dupont Circle. Both have great food, service and especially at Tabard Inn, setting. If you go to Tabard Inn request to sit in the back courtyard...its relaxing and enchanting.

        Poste in Penn Quarter has a nice brunch but its been awhile since I've been there. And for something completely different you can try the Latin Dim Sum at Cafe Atlantico.

        1. Tabard Inn in a good choice. Closer to Penn Quarter there are two nontraditional brunches at Cafe Atlantico ("Latin dim sum") and Zaytinya.

          There is a good buffet brunch at one of the hotels in the West End, but the hotel has changed its name a couple of times so I can't remember it. The Kennedy Center Restaurant also has a surprisingly good buffet brunch.