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Dinner Rec. south of Orlando w. child

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from Toronto and looking for a recommendation for a non-chain dinner south of Orlando.
I'm near I-4 and exit 58. A friend from Florida is taking us out to dinner, we have on 4 year old, and not willing to travel all the way into Orlando (made that mistake last year).

Don't think price is a big factor, and a decent wine list would be a bonus.

Can we find a nice place that's child friendly without being "a family restaurant"?

Any help would be welcome.


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  1. While I don't think its too far from your identified location (about 20 minutes away), I think Taverna Opa at Pointe Orlando would be ideal. Its a large, loud space with an abundance of great food and a relatively family-friendly atmosphere. Here is a link to its website: http://www.opaorlando.com/

    Enjoy your trip to Orlando.

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      Orlando welcomes kids everyone, so no worries there. In Celebration, you might enjoy Columbia for upscale Cuban food or cafe d'Antonio for decent Italian in an upscale-casual setting. You can even sit outside, which might be better with a tot.