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Jul 25, 2008 06:53 AM

Frontera Grill question

I will be coming to Chicago for a wedding Labor day weekend and have one dinner Thursday night in Chicago and was thinking of Frontera Grill. There are only 3 of us so I guess we cannot get reservations. Any tips on when to go or how long we will have to wait?

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  1. Call that day as soon as they open and you can make a reservation. I have done that for a party of two and three. Also, you can try sitting at the bar area.

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      Thanks, I thought that I read that they only take reservations for 5 or more?

      1. re: bakerboyz

        For advance reservations, 5+. For same day, call at around 8am/9am and you can make resverations for 2 or 3. Or get there as soon as the place opens and take your chances

    2. If you don't happen to get a reservation, and go anyway, don't believe what they tell you about the wait. There's a number of posts on this board which mention this fact - they always overestimate how long you'll wait. Once I was told 2 hours and we were seated in an hour.

      Service in the bar is very good, so as lbs says, you can also have dinner there.

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        My experiences have been the same as Mike D. I put my name in both times, went over to Fado and had a beer, and when we got back, tables were ready. They said 90 minutes both times, but it was more like 30 or so, and this was on Friday nights.