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Jul 25, 2008 06:45 AM

Thomasville, Georgia?

I will find myself in Thomasville, Georgia several times in the coming weeks and really need some help finding good food. Any suggestions? I will be staying downtown but will have a car. Thanks.

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  1. Liam's is perhaps the best fine-dining restaurant in a 150-mile radius of Thomasville, Georgia (and yes, it blows away anything available in Tallahassee and is perhaps better than anything in Jacksonville). It could hold its own in any major foodie town.

    On the way other end of the spectrum, try Market Diner in Thomasville. Best Southern food I've had anywhere.

    1. Also, if you're a fan of cheese, Sweet Grass Dairy is a 140-acre farm in Thomasville that has a wonderful selection, one of which has been awarded a "top 10 cheese in America."


      If you have enough gumption to take the 30-min drive to Tallahassee, I can recommend the following as places where you will be satisfied with meals (although in my opinion not as good as Liam's):

      Kool Beanz Cafe (haute cuisine in a loud/casual/fun atmosphere)


      Cypress (awarded top 20 restaurants in Florida)

      1. In addition to Liam's, over on Broad Street there are a couple of small cafes near the TV station studios that have good lunch fare. And there is a realtively new BBQ place on 319 heading north out of town. Name passes me by at moment, but folks who've eaten there say its as good as JB's, south of town on 319, used to be. Plus for buffet food, meat and 3s, some locals like Seminole Wind. On the week days, during the daytime, wonder around Farmers Market, have a fresh GA peach.

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          Well I recind my rec for the "new" Q place. Went there for lunch yesterday with offcie mates who've eaten there before. It's called GrandDaddy's, about a 1/2 mile north of the Farmers Market. Pulled Rib sandwich, just meat-on the dry side, one kind of "Carolina" style sauce on the tables. Mac&Cheese was right out of the Kraft box. Peach cobbler wasn't from fresh peaches, tasted like an institutional crust, not sure but doubt if made on the premises. Friend's Brunswick stew looked like a canned beef and veggie soup. Bones and grissle in the pulled pork plate.

          Still on the prowl for good Q in the area.

        2. Don't miss the famous chili dogs at the Billiards Company (?) poolhall downtown.

          1. Jonah's Fish & Grits is a new restaurant that just opened in the old Liam's location near the corner of Jackson and Broad St downtown. Try the shrimp and grits special - it's out of this world! I suggest Savannah Moon for a great breakfast downtown and Billiard Company (aka The Pool Hall with the locals) for great lunchtime hotdogs. But for dinner, I would bet Mikah that Jonah's rivals Liam's for the best fine dining in a 150 mile radius. :)

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              Sounds like a Tallyhound challenge, Liam's versus Jonah's. Might be worth a group trip.