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Jul 25, 2008 06:27 AM

French Lavender Honey

Is this readily available in Toronto? Pusateri's? I've never tried it but I hear it's fantastic.

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  1. You really need to like the taste of Lavender.... and if you do you'll love it......

    I know the Fromagerie on College carries it........

    1. You can get it from Honey World, lower level of St. Lawrence Market. You can taste it before you buy it.

      1. It is wonderful! I get it from SLM as well -- may be from honeyworld as a previous poster said (I can't buy it often because I will just gorge on it)

        If you like lavendar, you you will love it! I like it with a nice sharp cheddar or a bit of gorgonzola. Or even just on my buttered toast

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          slightly OT, but we went to Honey World yesterday. SO many nice types of honey. makes me regret buying that crappy emergency-use honey from the grocery store last week (the taste is actually offensive, as opposed to the flavourful honies at honeyworld)

        2. Thanks for the posts everyone!

          1. as people have said, in st. lawrence market there's a honey stand that lets you sample honey. i believe it is NOT french though, and that it's from new zealand. i may be wrong though...

            and if you're a honey connoisseur/connoisseuse like myself, you may be a fan of the pheylonian honey from saskatchewan. this is available at the one-of-a-kind shows (spring, christmas) for maybe $25 per jar. other, mediocre honeys are available too, but this is by far the best honey i've ever tasted. they have a website too.