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Jul 25, 2008 06:21 AM

Where can I buy Tortilla Bowls? (Taco Salad)

I want to make my own ultimate taco salad and would like to find the big Tortilla Bowls that you find in most restaurants. I know you can make them but I would prefer just to buy them. Any ideas?

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    1. I think the concept of the big bowl is just a restaurant thing, better right out of the fryer than pre-made. I've seen small tortilla bowls though, probalby Old El Paso, standard grocery store stock. I was in Restaurant Depot today and asked if they had them, and they didn't.

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      1. re: MikeR

        Great, thanks for the info. I guess I will make em myself.

        1. re: bmore_flavor

          I've seen basket forms for salad-sized tortilla bowls at cookware stores, a convenient way to get them to hold the bowl shape when you dunk it into the hot oil. In fact, I don't know how you'd make one without some sort of form to hold it. Probably there are expensive ones at Williams-Sonoma, cheap ones at World Market or Pier 1.

      2. You can bake them too! Just get the large tortillas, then sprinkle them with some water so that they are pliable, then sort of plop them over a round cereal bowl size bowl, and bake them until golden brown! So that they don't stick, spray the top of the bowl with a little Pam or oil it.

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          Hear hear! A healthy alternative and one that works very well, I might add. AnneBird gets a kudo from me on this one! Now....find some whole grain tortillas and you're even more better off.

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            No comment - but now I'm seriously craving chicken taco salad...

          2. re: AnneBird

            Great idea! A great healthy alternative.

            1. re: bmore_flavor

              For the unhealthy(ish) version, I use a wok with hot oil then press an empty coffee can down into the tortilla. Works like a charm. Drain well!