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Where can I buy Tortilla Bowls? (Taco Salad)

bmore_flavor Jul 25, 2008 06:21 AM

I want to make my own ultimate taco salad and would like to find the big Tortilla Bowls that you find in most restaurants. I know you can make them but I would prefer just to buy them. Any ideas?

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    AnneBird Jul 26, 2008 05:03 PM

    You can bake them too! Just get the large tortillas, then sprinkle them with some water so that they are pliable, then sort of plop them over a round cereal bowl size bowl, and bake them until golden brown! So that they don't stick, spray the top of the bowl with a little Pam or oil it.

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    1. re: AnneBird
      BigEats Jul 26, 2008 06:48 PM

      Hear hear! A healthy alternative and one that works very well, I might add. AnneBird gets a kudo from me on this one! Now....find some whole grain tortillas and you're even more better off.

      1. re: BigEats
        beauxgoris Jul 26, 2008 09:49 PM

        No comment - but now I'm seriously craving chicken taco salad...

      2. re: AnneBird
        bmore_flavor Jul 27, 2008 08:11 AM

        Great idea! A great healthy alternative.

        1. re: bmore_flavor
          chesapeakesun Jul 27, 2008 06:20 PM

          For the unhealthy(ish) version, I use a wok with hot oil then press an empty coffee can down into the tortilla. Works like a charm. Drain well!

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        MikeR Jul 25, 2008 07:19 PM

        I think the concept of the big bowl is just a restaurant thing, better right out of the fryer than pre-made. I've seen small tortilla bowls though, probalby Old El Paso, standard grocery store stock. I was in Restaurant Depot today and asked if they had them, and they didn't.

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        1. re: MikeR
          bmore_flavor Jul 26, 2008 05:50 AM

          Great, thanks for the info. I guess I will make em myself.

          1. re: bmore_flavor
            MikeR Jul 26, 2008 06:10 AM

            I've seen basket forms for salad-sized tortilla bowls at cookware stores, a convenient way to get them to hold the bowl shape when you dunk it into the hot oil. In fact, I don't know how you'd make one without some sort of form to hold it. Probably there are expensive ones at Williams-Sonoma, cheap ones at World Market or Pier 1.

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          bmore_flavor Jul 25, 2008 05:11 PM


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