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Jul 24, 2008 10:54 PM

Places that cook/grill outside in PHX?

I was chatting with a bar owner who wants to trump up daytime food sales and I suggested they do some grilling outside, as they are located next to a busy intersection and people might notice/smell.

She didn't think it was legal to do so due to fire danger. And that might very well be the case in some metro cities. But it got me wondering... are there local places where chow is being cooked outside? Everyone loves a BBQ, right?

The Monestary has outdoor grills, but maybe since cutomers prepare their fare, it's technically not their kitchen?

There's a Mexican patio place that grills outside from time to time, but only on special occasions. And it's not their whole menu, but just special items such as tacos.

I can understand it being restricted by laws and also a logistical challenge, but can you think of other places that manage to cook some things outside?

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  1. Before it closed, Tacos Mexico on 16th St @ Oak (location now occupied by "60-Second Burrito" or something like that) cooked some darn fine chicken on a large grill in a patio area behind the restaurant. I know that some of the Mexican-oriented supermarkets (e.g., Food City, Phoenix Farms) would have similar setups on weekends. I admit I don't hit those stores every week, but I can't remember the last time I saw that happening.

    Is it possible that the county decided that all food prep has to happen inside from now on?

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      It would be a shame given the number of sunny days we have, coupled with the casual lifestyle. Likwise, most of us avoid using the oven in the summer so not to heat up the house. You'd think it would be more efficient.... especially if smoking something for many hours.

      In fact I think it would be a cool concept for a place to cook via solar ovens. There were some great foods being prepared at the last Green Expo event in town.

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        Based on azhotdish's post, it looks like my fears are unfounded.

        The funny thing is, when I heard the name "Urban Campfire", I kind of imagined a restaurant with outdoor grills (and maybe even a few fire pits).

        Of course, the optimal time for outdoor cooking here is also the time when we are most likely to have no-burn days. For the home cook this is merely an inconvenience; for a grill-centric restaurant this could be a serious problem unless they had the option of switching over to gas cooking. But then I wonder if patrons would stand for even that level of unpredictability, i.e., coming to a restaurant expecting wood- or charcoal-grilled food and getting gas-grilled food instead.

    2. Tradiciones grills on their patio outside the restaurant. The brick table oven at Quiessence is also outside.

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        I thought about that, but is Td's grill really outdoors, or mostly enclosed under the indoor/patio (and with vents, etc)?

      2. I think the health code is fairly strict on outdoor grilling.You must have a roof/cover/tent, or whatever over your grill , so unsavory things don't fall out of the sky onto the food.Also you have to have hot running water available close by.The best thing to do would be contact the health dept. and get a list of restrictions.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Just as an FYI, the original Monastery isn't there anymore and the one that was next to the Peoria Sports Center is now a Salty Seniorita.