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Jul 24, 2008 10:30 PM

Any suggestions for a good D.C./Bmore restaurant for meal and wine pairing?

In a few months, for my birthday my parents agreed to take me out to a nice place in d.c. or Baltimore. Since this will be my 21st, I thought it would be a good idea to pick a place and do a multi course tasting menu with wine pairings. Any suggestions?

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  1. My favorite for this in B'more is Charleston. Create your own tasting menu based on many menu categories (e.g. Hot, Cold, Seafood, etc.) and have the staff pair half-pours of wine to complement and compliment each course. Not cheap but a memorable experience.

    1. Proof would be great because you can do samplings and wine flights which would be a lot of fun. Plus they have a champagne cart!! (Make sure to get the gnocchi to eat.) I'm not sure if they have a tasting menu but I'm sure you can create your own with multi-courses or call ahead to see if they can create something for you.

      Other places to check out (w/ tasting menus and good wine): Equinox, Restaurant Eve, and Palena.

        1. I think Cityzen also has a tasting menu with wine pairings.

          If you want something a little less expensive (if not quite as good), Grapeseed in Bethesda has a recommended wine (by the glass) for every dish.

          1. Thanks for all the suggestions so far. One thing I should say, is that I probably need to keep it relatively near $100-$130 a person. I think I've seen some of these places (for tastings and wine pairings) near $200, which is a bit too high. Also, it would likely be a big party (6 or so with my parents and brothers), so how far ahead would we need to make a reservation (my bithday isn't until october, but I don't know how far ahead we'll all know our schedules.)

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              You might want to look at Corduroy or PS7's. Corduroy has a neat wine list that is not overly priced for what's on it, and PS7s has some fun stuff on the menu. I bet Dino would be a good option for Italian. We are also fans of Brewer's Art in Baltimore. Or split the difference with Iron Bridge in Columbia.

              Try calling various restaurants and explain to them it’s a special occasion and what your price range is to see what they can create. And make rezzies as soon as you can to book a larger table.

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                Proof or Grapeseed would definitely meet your $ criteria. Both have valet parking and are close (or not too far) from metro stops.