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Next Food Network Star spoiler??

This was just posted on a blog from my hometown D Magazine...it says that the winner of TNFNS is already revealed on Food Network's website? Is this true...i don't want to look. It seems unbelievable. Is it a mistake?


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  1. FN pulled the pages with the exit interviews. From the comments I've seen on the Food Network Addict website, it does seem that FN screwed up big-time and let the info out early. Avoid reading "comments" on the Food Network Addict website and avoid looking at the episode guide drop-down menu on the FN website which lists a show whose name is a spoiler and hasn't been deleted by FN yet.

    Avoid going to the site you linked to, as well. The comments at the bottom of that page reveal the name of the new show and spoil it, too.

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      Pre NFNS some idiot over there shot themselves in the foot. A department spent tons of time creating promos, video interviews and such and then put a few on YouTube while turning off the comments, the ratings, the sharing, basically I think I put it on my blog "creating the first non-viral viral campaign". The videos had under 600 hits after three weeks on YT since no one could share, comment, rate or do anything with it. Someone "big" at FN pretty much didn't understand this "new fangled internet thing" and sabotaged it. .... And now at the end of the show this!! -- They really are their own enemy it seems.

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        FN may have removed the info from their site, but not before someone posted it at sidedish. This is too funny. Although, now I don't have to bother to watch it....uh oh, wait a minute, that's not good for the advertisers is it?

        Maybe the two who should be giving exit interviews are Bob and Susie. Perhaps FN can replace them with the losers of TNFNS, they couldn't do a worse job!

    2. Ughhh...i hate this. I knew i should not have been reading blog comments, but now i know who won. Anyway, here is an official statement from food network (it doesn't say who won in the statement though.)


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        Unfortunately I read of the slipup on a blog, and while they warned of spoilers if you clicked a link at the end, the name of the winner's show was mentioned in the first paragraph of the article. Made it pretty obvious who won.

      2. I picked that contestant (ok, I was gonna type in the name but realized it would be small of me to spoil it for my fellow Hounds who may have been watching) as the winner from watching promos a month ago.

        Z'what happens to "impartial judging" when it's really about selecting a personality that'll balance slipping demographics! D'oh!

        Haven't been able to watch the Food Network since they started airing "The Bozo Lagasse 'Live' Show. " Sigh. And he was SUCH a good chef.

        1. Well... at least that has stopped me from watching that farce.... sad

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              I just read it, too, and I'm not surprised, although that winner is going to need help before they are ready for their own show. (I don't think that's a spoiler: it's true for all three!)

              What a stupid thing for the FN web site to do -- again! I sure hope that next time around, the FN folks are a little more careful.

            2. anyone need a job? methinks there may be an opening or two at the FN office after this debacle.

              1. Why are the comments off of the site? After reading Bob's blog and watching Suzie's video blog, I was going to look at comments; what happened?

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                  I think because people were commenting on who won...so they tried to remove all the spoilers from last night.

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                    oh yea. I should have looked before. Now I want to know and I don't want to wait until Sunday.

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                      You can still go to the original link posted at the top of this thread...read through everyone's comments and you will find out who won.

                      1. re: iluvtennis

                        I havent read the spoilers-but I bet the FN went with the most generic NONoffensivetoanyone statusquo copout

                        I am sure you all know who i mean

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                        Go to TWoP's Competitive Reality Show Forms here http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.c... and highlight the blacked out comments starting around Page 374.

                        What I love is today's press statement from TFN at FoodNetworkAddict.com: "FoodNetwork.com experienced technical difficulties last night. As our viewers have seen on The Next Food Network Star this season, many twists and turns have taken place during the show. We encourage all to tune in on Sunday at 10pm to see who will be the Next Food Network Star."

                        "Technical difficulties." Riiiggghhht.

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                          SPOILER WARNING: DO NOT click on the link i've posted unless you WANT to know who won.

                          kprange: look at the lower right half of the screen shot on this page...


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                            Nice screen cap, ghg - how did you get that? It's not there now, of course.

                            1. re: LindaWhit

                              linda, re: the screen cap, i found it in someone's comments on that "side dish" blog mentioned in the OP.

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                                Ahhh - so they caught it before it was removed. Smart. :-)

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                              That makes me not happy. I will watch of course - I won't be able to help myself. Thanks for sharing ghg.

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                                AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not surprised. I told my husband over & over that person was their pick of someone they wanted to "mold" - I'm gonna go wake him up to tell him I was right!! On second thought, I'll let him sleep & later watch it un-tainted to enjoy his reaction.

                        2. why would they want to spoil their own show?

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                            These were my least favorite contestants, and that was my least favorite of the three.

                            I don't know if I can watch the finale to see that. lol

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                              I don't think they "wanted" to spoil their own show -- I think it was a technical mishap but the fact that it has happened two years in a row means there is either a problem with their coding, or else a Web producer who didn't like the outcome and secretly decided to cause some mischief.

                              If you know the identity of the "winner," it makes a difference now watching the promos for the finale. This morning, you could get a sense of who was being cast in a favorable light and who was being cast as tense and frustrated.

                            2. The viewer votes is what made previous years something to invest yourself in... both the competition and the eventual show... grrrr

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                              1. re: rozz01

                                The Food Network, we will fix our reality shows and our active lineup to pander to our lowest demographic at any given time....

                                Watch out Sandra Lee...you are not safe...lol.

                                Man, There's not much I can say without posting an out and out spoiler. I'm sure this person isn't totally without fans, are they?

                                1. re: sommrluv

                                  Certainly among the Food Network producers...

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                                  Did this happen last year too???

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                                    I think that FN really owes the winner an apology big time. They should open the show tonight with a public apology to the winner for spoiling his/her moment with their "technical difficulties". They could do it without giving away who the winner is.

                                    I thought it was Top Chef who inadvertently revealed their winner last year, not FN.

                                3. The next time someone on the show says, "This will change someone's life forever...." I'm going to "change the channel forever". ;-)

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