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Jul 24, 2008 09:31 PM

Dairy Substitute in Soups

This month's Sunset magazine has a delicious-sounding recipe for corn chowder with chicken. But it's got cream and my husband has developed severe lactose intolerance. Any ideas for a substitute that will retain the creaminess of the soup?

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  1. I love coconut milk in soups! My favorite is carrot-leek-coconut. Yum.

    1. Julia Child has a recipe where you add rice to the broth, and then puree it - adds a nice creaminess to the soup.

      1. Along MMRuth's line, corn chowder often has potatoes in it. Puree some of the potatoes for thickening.

        1. i'm sorry if this is an insensitive comment (i don't know a lot about lactose intolerance) -- but why not just by lactose-free milk/cream? it's sold most places.

          1. I too can't tolerate milk in my soups... but you are in luck... corn has its own "creaminess". Instead of adding cream, just take 1/2 the soup (before you add the chicken, and puree... also, if you are using fresh corn (which I would assume you would).. I suggest "milking" the cob after you cut off the kernals (I use the dull side of a butter knife.. just run it down the cob to extract some of the corn "milk"... this works great for old fashioned creamed corn as well as adding a little body to the soup.

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              you can also use the corn cobs to make corn stock. It won't have the creaminess if that's essential, but it will get lots of added corn flavor from the corn "milk."

              EDIT:I've never tried it myself, but I've heard from vegan friends that almond "milk" works well, and you can make your own almond milk if you have the time and the patience.