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Jul 24, 2008 09:27 PM

Green Onion Cakes in Calgary?

My sister has called to let me know she is heading down to Taste of Edmonton for green onion cakes. Does anyone know if Chinese restos in Calgary are able to replicate the amazing ones found seemingly everywhere in Edmonton? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Many Chinese restaurants that offer dim sum will have green onion cakes on their dim sum menus, e.g. Regency Palace, U&Me, etc. Similarly, the little hole-in-the-wall noodle places that sell dumplings and spareribs to go will also have green onion cakes to go (frozen or refrigerated; pan fry them to heat them up), e.g. Fortune Food on Centre St N.

    I believe many Hong Kong-style cafés have green onion cakes on their menus under "Snacks." At the moment, though, I couldn't tell you which ones. Look for them at Happy Valley, Pebble Street, Calgary Court, and MBA.

    I guess that doesn't tell you whether the onion cakes are like the ones in Edmonton, but in my experience, green onion cakes are almost always greasy, crispy, flavourful, and delicious!

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      Pebble Street and Double Greetings probably has them.

      Or just buy them frozen at a grocery store like T&T and make them at home for a lot less money.

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        Ducking and running in case these aren't the best. They're the only ones I've had and I got them at Garrison Woods Safeway. I have a feeling I just lucked out on a 'fresh' day, but they were very very good.

      2. T & T even has them but I wouldn't recommend their's.

        I know I've had good ones recently but darned if I can remember where. They were flakier than usual.

        I also can't tell you if they are the same as the ones in Edmonton because I'm pretty sure I haven't had them there.

        1. The Chinese place at the CFM food court - I had a green onion cake at the Strathcona farmers' market, and these seem to be very similar. Cheap and fresh too.