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Jul 24, 2008 09:11 PM

Asiate RW review?

Hey, has any been to this place during this past week? Past reviews says it's good, but the menu's been posted, adn there's only 2 choices for appetizers and dessert. I would want to go to this place for the gorgeous view, but it's my last RW place and I'm thinking maybe it would be better to substitute Gramercy Tavern instead as it's more of a sure thing?

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  1. I had lunch there yesterday for RW. It honestly wasn't too bad but if you're deciding between Asiate and Gramercy, I think Gramercy would probably be a better choice. They had 2 appetizer choices: a sweet corn soup and heirloom tomato salad with burrata (I had this - it was fresh and tasty). There were 3 entree choices (braised short rib, sea bass and risotto). I was a bit disappointed with the sea bass and it looked as though the short ribs would have been a better selection. Dessert was decent - it was a ginger cake (which tasted chocolate to me) with 2 types of chocolate mousse on top. The views were great and while service was a bit rushed, overall it was a pleasant experience.