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Jul 24, 2008 08:41 PM

Little Door?

My wife and I are coming to LA for 4 days in August. A friend suggested we have dinner for 2 at Little Door. Said it was romantic, small and a fun alternative to the larger "scene" restaurants.

We're going to Cut on one night of our trip and are looking for a different but delicious experience the next night.

Any Chowhound comments on the Little Door?

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  1. I've lived in LA for 10 years now and had heard some good things over the years. So we tried it for a friend's birthday. The patio is nice (yes, its romantic) but we ended getting shoved in a strange corner inside, though we had requested outside Food was blah... nothing to write home about and definitely didn't have anything memorable foodwise. Won't compare to Cut. I think you can find better for your trip to LA.

    1. Be aware that smoking is allowed in the patio. If you get one of the nice inside tables adjoining the patio, you will smell the smoke.

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        Ah, the smoke... the Euros will feel right at home...

      2. We have always loved the little door. We have been going for many years. One of la's little jewels! We go there all of the time when friends are visiting from France, which is quite a few times a year. We have never been disappointed dining there. Descent wine list to boot. Granted, it's not one of the top restaurants or new hot spots for creative cuisine, but I think it is always consistently good, fun and can be romantic. The smoking part is true. If you are on the patio, you will be around smoke. Thats why all the euro hang out there.

        1. Great garden, decent food which is overpriced. It is true that's it's romantic and fun but it is most definitely a "scene" place.

          1. I love the Little Door. I don't feel like it is a scene at all. I have had several memorable meals there. From simple fish soup to duck in kumquat marmelade, everything has always been well executed and satisfying. It is considered by many to be the most romantic restaurant in LA. Nice wine list as well.