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Jul 24, 2008 08:36 PM

Non-Q lunch off I-85, around Charlotte-Spartanburg-Greenville

Tomorrow I'm driving with my toddler from Durham to Atlanta and will want to stop for lunch along the way, likely near Charlotte or beyond, like Spartanburg or Greenville. I've done some searches of the boards here and mostly came up with reco's for BBQ and "meat + 2" type places. I can go to those if need be but we are vegetarians. I found one reco for "2 Chefs" in Greenville which sounds good. I'd like not to drive more than a mile or 2 off the highway. Any other ideas? Doesn't have to be the best eats in town, just fresh and hopefully not Denny's!

And coffee--beyond doing town-by-town or other types of searches on Google Maps, anyone know of a good listing of Starbucks and other coffee places along the highway? It seems like someone must have done this work for me already!

While we are on the subject, years ago a friend of mine had a guidebook to eateries along major US highways--anyone know what that might have been? I can't remember if it was comprehensive or specific to one highway or region or what...

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  1. exit 90 (the gafney outlet mall) and exit 54 (pelham rd, greenville) for your starbucks.
    for restaurants though, i can't think of anything other than chains within a mile or two off the highway. Try woodruff road- the business coridor of greenville, exit 51. i usually try to fly through charlotte, get to the SC to refuel, and eat in greenville.

    1. 2 Chefs is my favorite lunch spot, and their location on Pelham Rd. isn't too far off the highway (exit 54). They've got some good vegetarian options.

      1. You can always get the Veggie Plate at a Meat and Two, although I suspect you figured that out.

        Anyhow, Wade's Family Restaurant in Spartanburg has a very nice selection of veggies, although it would be in the Meat and Two category, as a traditional southern restaurant.

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          Unfortunately a lot of diner-type restaurants cook many of their vegetables with pork or with chicken stock, which makes them poor options for vegetarians. That said, Wades looks good and I am willing to try it next time.

        2. On a trip back from Atlanta to Charlotte we stopped @ in Greenville, SC, just off of I-85. The food was wonderful - everything was hand made, even the the pita bread.

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            I used to live in Greenville and loved Acropolis. Awesome Greek pizza!

          2. There's a directory called The Next Exit that lists gas stations, lodging and restaurants at exits on all major US highways. That might be what you're referring to.