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Jul 24, 2008 07:28 PM

Dining Near Rowan

I'll be spending time in the Glassboro area the next few days. Any suggestions. I'm a diner, doughnut, bbq and seafood nut. No franchises.

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  1. Hi soilman! Welcome to glassboro. Of course I had to join this website to answer you. Be forewarned. The center of little Glassboro is under construction so you will be often be diverted.
    Now........the last bakery in Glassboro closed several months ago so no fresh donuts other than Dunkin Donuts.
    I haven't been to any of these lately.
    Don's and pop shop....I've had decent bagels from there.
    You can get a great Italian sub sandwich at Little Beef's in Glassboro, High Street.
    Pizza........I'm not impressed with any of them but there are lots.
    Italian Affair...... I've had decent meals there.
    Landmark. American Fair........ech.....will do but nothing special.
    Scotland Run Golf Course has a decent lunch. not in Glassboro but not far to drive.(I do like this)
    Peking Buffet for Chinese. Never had a bad meal there.
    JG Cooks Bar and Restaurant - Pitman - newly remodeled to a BQ restaurant
    PBs- Standard diner food - Glassboro
    Hope this helps.
    Good luck!

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      Thanks for the info. Hope you enjoy the website. Don's bagels is still there.
      Duffields Farm Market makes pretty good subs. Glassboro was pretty much shut down after 8 pm on the weekend. Next time I will venture further out. Tried Geets Diner and was pretty marginal.Our trip back to VA was highlighted by a stop at Chap's Pit Beef in Baltimore (featured on Food Ntwk's DDD).Tough place to find when heading south on 95. Between Adult Videos and the Gentlemen's Club. Beef on white bread slathered with tiger sauce..great stuff. Nice folks. Sparse seating.