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Jul 24, 2008 07:16 PM

Armari's in Sandwich, MA. The $35 Chicken Special

My DW and I have been to Amari's on several occasions and have been disappointed each and every time. Generally, the food's been the problem. It's just not very well prepared. It is, however, very close to where we live so we go once per year in hopes that things have improved. Today, the food was actually quite tasty. I had a veal chop that was pan fried with panko crumbs, topped with spinach, portobello, and cheese. It was served with a nice al dente fettuccini and snappy fresh sauteed green beens for a reasonable $27. My wife had a nightly special, the chicken oscar, twin breast filets sauteed in an egg batter, two lobster claws, 4 asparagus spears, and the same sides as my dish, for..$ was surely a surprise when I looked at the bill....the waitress really should've mentioned the price...$35. A Cape Cod first...a $35 chicken dish. I'll admit it was tasty, and the service professional, and we've always liked the room, but for a local mid-scale location on 6A it's quite excessive, or am I getting cheap in my 'old' age!?

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  1. I agree that $35 is pretty steep for a chicken dish but it did have 2 lobster claws. It is annoying when specials are described by the server that price is rarely mentioned. I have pretty much experienced that the specials in places like this are usually more than you think, and many people don't like to ask what the price is on items. I've learned the hard way. If something interests you, ask.
    As an aside, a visit to a very popular Mexican restaurant in Ct. today revealed they had new menus with average price increases of 20 to 25%. Food prices are escalating and it is, and will continue to be, passed on to us.

    1. I wouldn't describe a dish w/2 lobster claws as "a chicken dish". It's a version of surf and turf which is always pricey.

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        I really can't agree. Two small claws is more of a garnish, which an "oscar" dish calls for, than a surf and turf. It's pretty typical on the Cape to see an 8-10 oz. filet mignon paired with a whole lobster for $35. I mean, really, two claws is what, about one, maybe two ounces of meat? Granted, maybe it;s just me.