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Jul 24, 2008 06:55 PM

good thai food in cbus?

your recommendations?

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  1. Bangkok on Refugee Road! Very authentic.
    On a related note, the best vietnamese and Laotion food in town is Indochine Cafe, on Hamilton Rd. in Whitehall. (between Main and Broad)

    1. On the Northwest side of Columbus, there's Thai Taste (Kenny Rd.)

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      1. re: fensterz

        I think Thai Taste is horrible. Close to Thai Taste is Nong's Hunan Express which is where I go for Thai. It is a dive, but I ususally get it as carry out.

        I also wasn't impressed by Indochine Cafe.

        1. re: kura kura

          I agree about Thai Taste. Definitely go with Bangkok on Refugee.

          1. re: dirtgirl

            I third the recco for the Bangkok on Refugee Rd, south east of Columbus, headed toward Lancaster. My Thai friends that live here in Dayton head east for great Thai dining. The ambience is missing in action, but the food (and the Thai grocery next door) make up for all that. Try the Thai beef salad, the soups, the phad thai...


      2. Have to say Pad Thai Restaurant on Refugee about a mile further east of Bangkok is better. I can't speak for every menu item, but Pad Thai's pad Thai is very, very good and much more flavorful and consistent than Bangkok's (they named their restaurant after it, so it better be). And their spring rolls are pretty darn amazing. I have to admit I've literally drank the sweet and sour dipping sauce straight up it was so good.

        Also, I've never been but people speak well of Thai Orchard on Sawmill Rd in Dublin.

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        1. re: johnnyforks

          I think ya mean Thai Orchid. Good, but can get pricey.

          1. re: BZArcher

            It is pricier than the typical Thai or Chinese joint, but with good reason. It's a mildly upscale restaurant--a place you could go on a date. The decorating is a little tacky, I'll grant, but the dim lighting is inviting, the service is consistently outstanding, and they even have a tiny "bar" near the entrance with a piano player on weekend nights.

            More importantly, though, the quality of the dishes and the ingredients is a cut above. The vegetables are always fresh, the meat isn't at all suspect, and nothing is too greasy, salty, or slimy. The Phad Thai, in particular, is outstanding (and addictive). The spring rolls are dynamite, and they have a delicious Pla Sarm Rote (Three Flavor Fish) dish. If you want some heat, check out their Holy Basil Chicken.

            Thai Orchid is located on Sawmill Rd in Dublin, approximately one mile north of the I-270 outerbelt.

          2. re: johnnyforks

            Sounds interesting....we'll have to try Pad Thai next time we make a roadtrip to Columbus. Have you tried their version of Thai beef salad or any of their soups? We don't generally order Phad Thai, so we're interested in the other offerings. Thanks!

          3. If you're around Hilliard, Joey Chang's on Fishinger Rd., or Grand China on Cemetery. Both are "Chinese" restaurants, but the families who run them are actually Thai, and the thai dishes on the menu are very good.

            1. I live in Orlando, Florida now and I haven't been to Thai Orchid in many years, but it used to be my favorite place to go. It was always a toss up between Siam Restaurant and Thai Orchid for the "BEST" General Tso Chicken. Although you can find this dish almost anywhere now, for me it was a destination place to go for GREAT Thai food. When my sister and I first started going to Thai Orchid over 25 years ago the place was run by a couple and it was a walk up takeout place with a few booths. As the business grew they remodeled and it became an upscale restaurant, There never was a dish that did not taste incredible and I used to love when they would bring hot jasmine rice to your table as you needed it. Hot fresh rice makes a difference in the taste of the food. I am going to visit Columbus in the next few weeks and I think I am going to put this on my destinations list.