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Jul 24, 2008 06:16 PM

Where to Go for a Drink Before Yasuda

Going to Yasuda tomorrow night for dinner and I'm looking for a place to stop off before for a glass of wine or maybe a beer. I really don't want to go to the usual Irish bars in the neighborhood- is there anywhere a little nicer nearby? Maybe Riingo? Not sure how big the bar is.

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  1. bull and bear (waldorf) is kind of special. campbell apartment (gct) is ok.

    1. You could try Rare View on 37th & Lex (as long as it's a bit earlier as it tends to get pretty crowded later in the evening). Great views, average beer/wine selection.

      1. We've gone to Sakagura across the street before hand - in the basement. Amazing sake selection, and the bar tender helped me find a sake that I actually enjoyed.

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          O'Neals Pub on Third between 45 and 46th

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            Thanks- actually planning to go to Sakagura afterwards for some drinks and their green tea creme brulee! Yum!