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Jul 24, 2008 06:16 PM

Any good georgian restaurant in London?

Any good georgian restaurant in London?

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  1. The country that borders Russia, the state in the south of the US, or the period of English history (1714 to 1830)?

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    1. Here's one... can't vouch for authenticity or reputation.

      197c Kensington High Street
      London, W8 6BA, United Kingdom
      +44 20 7937 1551

      There is also one called Tbilisi on Holloway.

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        There's a sweet little place on the Shaftesbury end of Frith St called Cafe Romeo - they do the Georgian cheese pastries, the names of which escape me now... :S

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          Tiblisi on The Holloway Road used to be enjoyable, although I have not been in a couple of years


          1. re: Simon Majumdar

            I walk past Little Georgia nearly everyday (it is just north of hackney city farm if you are walking to broadway market) and it is top of my 'when i get a proper job and have a real pay check' this is where I will go regularly. I've never been there, but the decor is quite dear and the food on people's plates looks scrumptious.

      2. I can recommend Little Georgia on Goldsmith's Row, just north of Hackney Rd.

        I have eaten there twice and the food is delicious (especially the blini), and while I can't really comment on its authenticity (I've never been to Georgia and this is the only Georgian restaurant I've been to) I can only assume it is a fair representation of Georgian cuisine.

        The place itself is very cosy and welcoming, the staff have been excellent on both my visits and the prices more than reasonable. They don't have a license but don't charge you corkage so this brings the bill down further. I wouldn't hesitate to eat here again in the future.

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