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Jul 24, 2008 06:04 PM

csa doldrums

i'm on week 5 of beets, zucchinis and swiss chard. i need new ideas badly!

with beets i've done chilled beet soup, grated raw beet salad with mint and feta, roasted beet salad with walnuts and goat cheese.

i've made zucchini fritters, slow cooked zucchini with pasta a la nigella, raw mandolined zucchini salad.

i've done a zillion frittata wilted pasta with greens things.

i need new creative ideas for this week!

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  1. Time to think about canning and freezing. The former for the beets; the latter for the zucchini. After the first week or two of getting zucchini in my CSA, I don't even bother trying to find a recipe--I just jshred and blanch it, then freeze it in 2 cup quantities. It's an incredible gift to be able to add it to soups and chili and stews etc. all winter long.


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      good idea... if only i weren't moving cross country in two weeks.

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        Maybe it's time to make one of those hide-the-zucchini-in-the-cake recipes.

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          Ha, whoops. Okay, I've been admiring this recipe, but haven't tried it. But, how about Heidi Swanson's zucchini chocolate cupcakes? She's got a couple of other zucchini ideas here, too, such as a frittata, bread (hers sounds phenomenal), soup, quinoa salad...

          She's got a roasted beet salad with oranges recipe here, too. Not sure if that's too similar to the beet and walnut salad you did...

          [If you're a fan of the Next Food Network Star, exercise caution when clicking on the below links because, according to a post on the Food Media and News board here on chowdown, apparently food network has posted a spoiler on its own website! I didn't notice it when I was looking for links for you, but I have Ellie Krieger's recipes bookmarked, so, perhaps I just fast-forwarded beyond the spoilers...


          Here's a bunch of Ellie Krieger zucchini recipes--I've been meaning to try the stuffed zucchini one, but the grilled zucchini rolls sound really good, too!

          More zucchini ideas:

          Beets are a little harder--here are a million things to do with beets, most of them salads.

          Good luck with the move.


      2. Nigella does a great zucchini sponge with lime curd filling/topping. It's really pretty, you actually see the flecks of zucchini in it.

        Jamie Olive has a great beetroot cake. It's posted on Leite's Culinaria, IIRC.

        1. Always a hit, and pretty easy:

          beet gnocchi( ricotta, grated beet, eggs, flour- served with brown butter- can't be beet(Sorry, couldn' help myself!)

          zucchini blini(feta, grated zuchini, flour, eggs, pan good for brunch or dinner with creme fraiche or tomatoes

          Can't remember where the inspiration/recp orginated, but I bet you'd have luck poking around on the internet- I think the gnocchi were a Gourmet feature 2-3 years ago?

          1. For Chard and/or Beet Greens:

            Separate the leaves and stems (you can cook the stems if the plants are still fairly young). Clean thoroughly and dry.

            Slice into 1/2 strips three pieces of smoky bacon and cook in a large pan until crisp, remove from the pan. You can either remove some of the fat (healthy) or leave it in (tasty).

            Slice 1 medium onion, add to pan and cook until lightly browned, add 1 clove sliced garlic, salt and pepper, and cook another minute, add the greens (May take a couple of additions depnding on the size of your pan). Stir frequently until the greens have wilted, add just enough water to almost cover, then simmer until tender (25-40 minutes)

            1. You said you made fritters, but maybe you didn't make these fritters. I'm making them tonight. They're the Moosewood cookbook ones with feta and mint, and the eggwhites are beaten---