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Jul 24, 2008 06:02 PM


does anyone know where i can get jicama in ottawa area.. i have tried sobeys, superstore, farm boy.. any suggestions?

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  1. Try one of the asian markets on Somerset. I also searched high and low for jicama only to find that virtually any asian market will carry it year round.

    1. Try heading to the Byward Market Fruit and Veg. Issac and Miriam have a fantastic selection of interesting treats! The first place I ever found chermoya, rambutans, fresh lychees and all sorts of other interesting fruits.

      1. The Produce Depot on Carling at Maitland has jicama very consistently. If you haven't been to the store it is worth a look. Prices, quality, and selection are amazing--you can get a whole cart of food for 100 bucks. In addition to produce they have a nice seafood counter, dairy section, deli, and meat counter--they seem to pack a huge variety of stuff into a small place. Things I especially like them for: Sour oranges (very hard to find elsewhere), pork shoulder (strangely hard to find here at supermarkets), oxtails, etc...