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Jul 24, 2008 05:37 PM

Most Romantic in Providence with Excellent

food and service for a big anniversary? What do you think, what are there specialties and price range please. Doesn't have to be fancy just special and very clean thanks. Staying in Gloester or something closer would be great.

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  1. Can't recommend anything near where you're staying, but I love Gracie's and (especially) Chez Pascal, both in Providence. Do a search of the boards to find many positive reviews.

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Likewise, I don't know of anything in that particular neck of the woods. Depending on your conception of distance, Providence may be a reasonable drive.

      In Providence, I second Gracies and Chez Pascal, and would also throw New Rivers into the mix.

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        One place much closer to you is "d.carlo's", an Italian restaurant which is located on Rte 7 (near the Rte 116/George Wahsington Highway intersection). The food is nothing less than spectacular and the service is superb (I honestly think it beats any Italian restaurant on 'The Hill' in Providence). I usually try to go there a couple of times a month with friends for special occasions, and never have been disappointed.

        The price range is reasonable ($15-$25), and there's usually enough food on the plate to 'take home'. Save room for dessert!

        1. re: OOliver

          Thank you everyone, greatly appreciate your help!

          1. re: OOliver

            I have to concur with d.carlo being a great choice. it's basically on the way if you were going to providence anyway, but a lot closer to gloucster, and more reasonably priced than a lot you'd find in the city. the food is never less than excellent, the service is very good and it's just a really great place. they have definitely nailed it. good luck!

            1. re: sarabean

              a local would never go from Gloucester to Providence via Smithfield/'d take 44 all the way to Providence.

              1. re: JaneRI

                yes, take 44 and eat where, chelo's? chili's or uno's? myself, i live in the city and drive TO smithfield to go to d.carlo. ever been, btw?

                1. re: sarabean

                  Yes, I love d.carlo and go pretty frequently (and much prefer it to Trattoria Romana down the street). I was just making the point that it wasn't really on the way to Providence.....although when I think about it, it's not really a big deal to head up 116 from 44....I was assuming 102 all the way (Chepachet to Smithfield) vs 44 all the way Chepachet to Providence.

                  1. re: JaneRI

                    forgot to holler for George's pizza in Pascoag, by far the largest pizza i have ever seen, some real live ambiance,.. JaneRI, sorry to sound so bitchy, i get too worked up over these food things. my bad. : )

                    1. re: sarabean

                      While we're talking about Rte 44, I can't leave out Reali's on the 'Johnston' side of 44. It's hidden away in a 'strip plaza', but don't let that fool you. What a great find!

        2. more good responses here.....