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Jul 24, 2008 05:31 PM

Brooklyn Lobster Roll Rec's?

Looking for a little Brooklyn help here....

My friends and I are gearing up for our annual vaca in Maine next month, so this weekend we want to get a jump start and have a lobster roll (but not of the Mary's,Mermaid or Pearl variety). I was thinking of venturing out to deeper parts of Brooklyn- possibly Sheepshead Bay to find an adequate lobster roll. Bonus points if it's near the water, has an outside patio and a nice Chardonnay but any suggestion would do. This is for lunch on Saturday. Thanks everyone!

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  1. See this recent thread on the lobster rolls at Fairway and Jordan's Lobster Dock.

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      Just went to Jordan's. We didn't have the lobster roll, opting for the 1 lb Lobster Bake instead. This perhaps, was a mistake. The lobster was cooked, split in half, wrapped in foil and kept warm somehow. It was quite rubbery. We also had the baked clams which were like a cafeteria quality jambalaya served in half shells; plenty of bread crumbs, rice and green peppers with little bitty bits of chopped clams. On the upside, the outdoor dining area is near water and pleasant, the fries were good, the beer was cold and the cherrystones were cheap and just fine. Overall rating: meh.

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        I do not kid when I say that unfortunately Brooklyn is very devoid of even mediocre seafood restaurants. An irony being if you want good steamed lobster and a okay lobster roll you probably have to go to Fairway in Red Hook. They steam your lobster, and they have a beautiful patio on the water. You bring the bibs and the utensils. It's just the way it is in Kings County.

    2. wow, I would sooooo wait to get to Maine. Every lobster roll here is going to be a pale and overpriced poor substitute. That said, there is some seafood shack like place on the east side of the road over in sheepshead bay...but I forget the name of the road...

      1. I agree with Pitu. Wait until Maine. Or have a lobster roll in Brooklyn and then Maine and you'll never want a lobster roll in NYC again. Sort of like going to Atlantci City and then Vegas afterwards. However if you must...Fairway in Red Hook. It doesn't have the vino but it has everything else in spades. Don't bother with Sheepshead Bay unless you're going for the sights or planning a trip on a fishing boat.

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        1. re: bigmackdaddy

          I'm actually from Seacoast NH originally so believe me, I know all too well the differences between Maine and Brooklyn, especially Lobster rolls. I'm sure I will eat at least 4 lob rolls while in Maine this year at all my fave spots. I was just hoping someone could give me a fun, decent recommendation for this weekend some where along the water in Brooklyn. It's always fun to try out new spots. I'm not expecting a Maine experience- just a beachy atmosphere and a tasty treat with friends this weekend. Thanks guys, maybe we will head towards the Lobster Dock and probably try that- unless i come up with something better.

          Also, anything to avoid- I've never been to Sheepshead Bay and I just read a thread eluding to the fact 'it's over'. Thanks everyone!

          1. re: malibu

            We went to Red’s and waited over an hour on a Tuesday morning for his lobster rolls. It was good, but did not live up to the hype IMO. If I would’ve known better, I would’ve gone across the road to his competitor and had one while waiting with a Geary's to wash it down.

        2. What is a proper Maine lobster roll? I had some on Cape Cod (admittedly not Maine) and was dissappointed in comparison the Brooklyn Fish Camp (Mary variety I assume). Cape Cod versions had a lot more lobster but that was about the only thing that was good about it. Pretty boring flavor wise.

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            I've been to Maine many times. What the hard-core Maineites tell me is that the best lobster roll is one made with just lobster and a touch of mayo on a toasted, buttered hot dog roll. I've had a lot of lobster rolls there, and the only one that matched that description was served at a church luncheon. The rest had more mayo than they need with bits of celery. They're still good, just not what the purists there crave.

          2. Love the Red Hook Lobster pound Lobster rolls! Delicious! Served on Sundays at the Dumbo Flea Market - prepare to wait at least an hour, but it's worth it!!

            huge chunks of lobster...


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              They should also be selling them at the Red Hook store sometime in July, as soon as they get the permits squared away