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Jul 24, 2008 05:15 PM

Crowsnest Pass, Alberta

We arte going down for our wedding anniversary and have booked the Bed And Breakfast.
Now, we need a great tip for dinner. Got one?
Deam in Red Deer

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  1. not too much down there.the inn on the border used to be good ,but i dont even think its still going.popiels and vinny in coleman both have good pizza,(say hi to misty for me if shes working at vinnies if you go,shell make your meal even better)there is bens in blairmore for chinese,thats east of the greenhill hotel.all in all there is nothing fancy down there.

    1. The Tin Roof Grill on Main Street might be a nice spot to try. We just moved to Blairmore and have not had a chance to stop in but their menu looks good. Here is their link:
      Have a great time!

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        This looks like what we are looking for. I will post a review upon my return.
        There is also supposed to be a restaurant in Bellevue called something Mountain. I saw it one time I was over there. Any commentts?
        Dean in Red Deer

        1. re: carlitguy

          We did our trip to the Crowsnest Pass. It is truly heaven on earth.
          We tried to go to the Mountain Grill (not the exact name) in Bellevue but it is up for sale and closed. I had heard it was good but now I will never know!
          We then went over to Blairmore and ate at the River's Edge which is at the east entrance. As it was lunch I opted for a Chinese combo while my wife had the Chicklen Caesar ( why does this word never look spelled properly?).
          The service was good, the food was very nicely presented and the restaurant was very clean.
          The real treat was the Tin Roof Grill and Bar on Mainstreet Blairmore. It is definitly on our agenda for the next trip. Their menu is at
          The ambience is excellent as were the service and presentation. The New England Clam Chowder was a little 'watery' but it was loaded with goodies. I could almost eat it with a fork! I then had a half rack of some of the best ribs I have ever had. They were accompanied by a selection of fresh local vegetables that were properly cooked. They were crisp and to perfection. I have been in a lot of better restaurants when I travelled on a GM expense account and no one seems to get the veggies right. If you cook them in large batches and let them simmer they will be soft. If you care and do them in smaller batches they will be perfect.The restaurant was reasonably full and service was a might slow but the finished product was perfect. My wife added a grilled chicken breast to a salad. Her big thing is she wants the chicken to be warm not cold. They sure made sure she was happy.
          I had a Caesar and it was served the way I like it. The bill including tip was just over $40 which was money well spent.
          Be sure to hit this restaurant next time you are in the Pass.
          Dean in Red Deer.