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Jul 24, 2008 04:59 PM

Miami Herald Article Today, Ethnic Eats

I was just wondering, if anyone had eaten at any of these places and are any of them worth it. My dad loves going to ethnic restaurants on Saturdays for lunch, so this expands our horizons.

I do have one problem he is allergic to shellfish, which is not a problem with Indian food but I know Indonesian and Filipino food uses lots of Shrimp paste, do you think that is going to be a problem or will there be things there he can eat.

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  1. MFG>

    While I can't speak to allergy issues, I have been to some of these places and they are - for the most part - steam table cafeteria set ups that cater mostly to the cruise ship workers. Raja's and the Raja's outpost (Indian) in the food court called "Flagler Station" are very popular with Downtown workers too, but unless you work nearby, I think you might find equally good if not better ethnic restaurants (holes in the wall) in the 163/167th Street NMB area. Downtown, I like Maynila near the Offerdahl's Grill on 3rd, but I do not think it was mentioned in the Herald. It is only opened on "in-port" days...

    The Flagler Station is - (how can I put this?) - Um ...cruddy. It is a downtrodden food court on the second level of a semi-occupied building on Flagler Street where most of the homeless gather to get out of the rain. It is a take-out place of last resort when it's raining and getting lunch is near impossible. There is an OK steam table Mexi place Burrito Express and the Raja's outpost and a few, odd "indy deli food court" stands that are not places to take Dad Saturdays by any stretch of the imagination...

    Oh - The food court in the tunnels underneath Marshall's is like another world and it is fun to explore but not a "destination." They sell faux designer knockoff handbags to unwary tourists and "off the truck" sketchy electronics down there as well - Very "Blade Runner." There is a new Peruvian cafe next to the original Raja's that's very popular. These are more cafe-style set ups than take-out joints.

    Bali Cafe is a more "restaurant" experience rather than a steam table. It is popular with the staff & students at Miami Dade and is more pricey and better appointed. Taste of Bombay has a buffet lunch but frankly the food sits too long and was all lukewarm on our last visit. Even when we want to eat "off-the-radar," I prefer that the food feel fresh and not left standing around - no matter how bargain priced it might be...

    Frankly, the published "food journalism" in Miami right now seems entirely lifted from this Chowhound forum... sometimes word-for-word and sometimes I guess they get paid for riffing upon our ideas. I guess that makes them smart (and lazy). Power to the Hounds!!

    At the risk of reading this in next week's Herald, I would take Dad up to the 163rd/NMB area weekends and try Sang's, Heelsha, Jumbo, Paquito's, Cheen Huaye, El Gran Inka, Yakko San, Lemon Fizz, Laurenzo's, Jerusalem Deli, Bissaleh Cafe, San Telmo, Kefi, Pachamamma, Kebab Indian, Irie Isle, El Rey Del Chivito, Patacon, Lula Kebab, Kyung Ju, Little Havana, Panya Thai, Tatay's, King Palace BBQ, or Chapultepec.

    Tutti-Multi-Culti... all reasonably priced and all worth exploring on your adventures with Pops. My 2 cents... Pilches will add to this thread, no doubt.

    Wherever you end up, have a great weekend and say HI to Dad for me.


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      Amen! Ummmm now I want naan...lots of it ;-)

      1. re: advisor_Girl

        Thanks so much! I am excited, now all I have to do is figure out which one to go to first!

        1. re: advisor_Girl

          "Frankly, the published "food journalism" in Miami right now seems entirely lifted from this Chowhound forum... sometimes word-for-word and sometimes I guess they get paid for riffing upon our ideas. I guess that makes them smart (and lazy). Power to the Hounds!!"

          I CONCUR

          1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

            The least they could do is cite our user names as sources..

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              Come now, let's quit thinking we're all Christopher Colombus (who after all wasn't the first one to set foot in the New World either). Truth is, at least half the restaurants mentioned in that article have never been mentioned even once here at CH. Whether or not they're worth a visit is a different story. I for one appreciate the effort to write about something a little off the beaten track.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                Oh, but you see, I find the timing of this thread:


                Its content,

                And the appearance of the article more than random synchronicity. But, that's just me. :-)

                1. re: karmalaw

                  Perhaps - but Linda Bladholm wrote up Raja's and about it catering to the cruise-ship crews back in April - more than 2 months before the post I think you're referring to. And I've seen other articles about various Filipino places in the Herald for years. BTW, AG, the Herald wrote up the 163rd/167th St. "Chinatown" about a year ago.

                  Unfortunately I can't link to the articles b/c they're in archives, but if you search the Herald online archives for "Raja's" or "Filipino" you'll see the summaries.

                  And no, I've not become the new PR Rep for the Miami Herald, just saying ...

                  1. re: Frodnesor

                    Whoa Fro'>

                    I listed two dozen reasonably-priced places I like from 125th Street up all the way to Hallandale Beach Blvd (including Sunny Isles) so that Miami Foodie Girl might enjoy a more satisfying weekend outing with her father than she might at a Downtown steam table.

                    I'm not pretending to be Columbus (?) and you don't need to post any links to establish precedent. I just tried to help a girl and her Dad get a weekend bite to eat...

                    Miami Foodie Girl - please post a follow-up of your Saturday adventures.

                    Cheers! Bon Chow.


                    1. re: advisor_Girl

                      AG - and it was a great post and I'm a fan of many of those places too, and would add Little Saigon City for Vietnamese off 167th just east of I-95, and Bamboche II for Haitian near corner of Biscayne and 135th St. If you look up above, you'll see I actually wasn't responding directly to your post but rather to others that piggy-backed on it (though it was your comment on local published "food journalism" that started it).

                      1. re: advisor_Girl

                        We took my father, and met some friends up north and went to Saigon City (ironically next to silver pond chinese which seemed packed with a line). It was a great hole in the wall vietnamese, the food was fresh, flavorful and cheap. I recomend it. THey were closed but there appears to be a chinese bbq place and chinese bakery in the same strip mall and so we are interested in going back and checking those out.

                        Does anyone know if Silver Pond is worth it?

            2. re: advisor_Girl

              I'm out of town and just checking in, but once again AG, you did an outstanding job!!! I actually can't add anything except to concur about that dreadful food court. If only they would clean it up and put some better places in there. I have a dream.....

              1. re: advisor_Girl

                *At the risk of reading this in next week's Herald...*


                Go ahead, AG, say it ...