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Monday Night Dinner in Providence

While in town, we have time for one dinner in Providence. But it is on a Monday and all our top picks are closed. Based on what is open, I have narrowed our choices down to the following:

Waterman Grille
Local 121
Loie Fuller
New Rivers

Which one to pick? Am I forgetting a place? We are having lunch at Aspara, so I was going to avoid Asian if possible.

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  1. I hear good things about New Rivers, but have never been there. I can highly recommend Gracies and Chez Pacqual, both outstanding restaurants.

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      I looked into Gracie's and Chez Pascal, but both are closed on Mondays.

    2. Z Bar on Wickenden St. Great food, friendly service and a cozy, flower-filled, outdoor patio.

      1. New Rivers gets my vote for Monday dining. Be sure to order the nime chow at Apsara, it's the best I've had this side of the Dateline.

        1. Loie Fuller would be my pick. It's a beautiful and relaxed place in an off-the-beaten-track location, which I love (disclaimer: I live the 'hood). As an out-of-towner, it's most easily accessible if you have a car.

          1. I had dinner at Louie Fuller tonight (and it was solid), but it's tough to beat the stellar gnocchi and the (Monday night only) 1/2 price wine at Pane e Vino. The service is awesome and the bread pudding is killer, although my friends swear by the veal chop and the fish in "crazy water".

            1. New Rivers.

              I mostly go to Waterman Grille for the beautiful bldg and the great outdoor patio. The food is iffy, about 50/50 in my experience.

              1. I'll put in a vote for Pan e Vino. Monday night, 1/2 price wine, Fedeal Hill. Good stuff.

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                  My vote is for Waterman Grille. I have eaten there several times, and have never been disappointed (I have recommended it to a number of 'new' people, and they have loved it as well). The food is consistently good, as is the service - and the view is beautiful for a summer night. Price range is moderate.

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                    Of your four choices, Loui Fuller is the only one I've not yet tried, though I have heard a lot of positive things about it and wouldn't hesitate to go.
                    Other than that my rec would be for New Rivers if sticking to your list.

                    The suggestion of Pane e Vino does sound great though! You can't beat 1/2 priced wine.

                2. We ended up at Local 121, as we were staying near Brown and wanted more casual than fancy. Despite some concerns based on this site's reviews, we had a really good dinner. Started with the Heirloom Tomato Martini -- a fantastic, sweet "tomato water" concoction. Our appetizers were the arrancini with clams and the cheddar cheese spread. Our mains were more clams and the burger (with blue cheese and bacon). All was fantastic, but the highlight was the burger. Ended with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream and a scoop of strawberry sorbet. Overall, a great meal made even better due to the diligent local sourcing. Impressive.

                  We would have normally spent some time in the bar, but before and after dinner, we stopped at the Graduate Center Bar on Brown's campus. This is a beer-geek gold mine. Fantastic tap and bottle selection, at really good prices. A really fantastic find.