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Jul 24, 2008 04:23 PM

Liv's Oyster Bar

Liv's in Connecticut - Any thoughts on this place? Is it worth a drive???

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  1. Living in New Haven, it's not exactly around the corner, but we have dined there twice and had very enjoyable meals both times. Everything was very well prepared and the service was very professional. Additionally, while not terribly extensive, the wine list is very well chosen and there are a number of well thought out selections.
    While I'm not sure that it's worth a LONG ride,it is definitely a worthwhile choice for the Saybrook area.

    1. Yes it is worth a drive. The star of this place is the raw bar. The oysters are fantastic, Although all east coast varieties they are served ice cold on a bed of ice and usually 5 or 6 varities. The sampler is the route to go served with a small flag indicating origin. Majority of menu is fish, all cooked perfectly. Although I live in Old Saybrook I certainly would recomend a drive, you will enjoy.

      1. Yes, it's worth a drive. The star of this place is the raw oyster bar. Although all east coast varieties the oysters are fantastic. Ice cold served on a platter of ice. The sampler is the route to go, Six different varieties with a small flag on each indicating origin, The are briny, plump and full of flavor. Main menu is mostly fish, all prepared with imagination and great tasting. Take a ride and enjoy !!

        1. We've always liked Liv's, the service is great (even at the bar when we didn't have reservations.) Loved the fried oysters for a starter, crisp and not greasy at all. I would drive that far for great food.

          1. Another positive review here. I have been to Liv's about a half a dozen times over the past year and a half and have always walked away pleased. The regular menu items are reliable and the specials have been delicious. Tasty drinks & desserts and professional service make this one of my favorite restaurants in SE CT.