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Jul 24, 2008 04:14 PM

Late Lunch/Early Dinner Near Tanglewood

We are going to a 6:30 show at Tanglewood -- and it's not the type that we would picnic. I can't tell on the various websites, etc., what restaurants are open between the lunch and dinner period (basically we would want to arrive to eat around 4:30-ish). Any suggestions nearby?

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  1. Baba Louie in Great Barrington. Good wood fired pizza and salads.

    1. Morgan House on Main Street, Lee, MA. Nice restaurant open from 11:30am on. pub menu in addition to regular menu. great food, very accomodating staff. NOT an expensive tourist trap like so many in Lenox.

      1. After some beer-geek research, we ended up at Moe's Tavern in Lee. Great find. Fantastic tap and bottle selection, great chicken wings and sweet potato fries, fine burgers. Would have gone back after the show, but didn't want to deal with the traffic. Indeed, I would probably hang at there all the time if I was able to!

        Moes Tavern
        10 Railroad St, Lee, MA 01238