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Jul 24, 2008 04:13 PM

Take Out Between Seattle and Mt. Baker

We're planning on our annual fall trip to a time share condo near Mt. Baker. We used to stop in Burlington for take out barbecue for dinner on our first night, to avoid having to cook, but someone on this board has informed me that place no longer exists. Any suggestions for good take out food between Seattle and Mt. Baker?

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  1. In Bellingham proper, the Bagelry on Railroad Ave. is a must stop for me. My usual order consists of an omelette with a buttered bialy eaten on site, then I grab a few hot bagels to go. Paired with their fantastic flavored spreads (my favorites are Italian, Feta Garlic Dill and I-dare-you-to-not-eat-it-straight-from-the-container Chocolate Chip) these would make outstanding breakfast or snack foods for your trip.

    1. Pizza and salads from the North Fork Brewery is excellent and you can get growlers of their beer to go accompany it.

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        That looks perfect and right where we turn off. Thanks, we'll give it a try.

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          I'll second North Fork Brewery! It's not east coast pizza but it's very respectable for around here, and most importantly, it seems to be made with care.

      2. Another option is Milano's, an amazingly authentic Italian restaurant in Glacier, on the Mt Baker Hwy. I eat there any time I'm hiking in the area. The restaurant is very casual, so it's a pleasant surprise when they serve up food worthy of Belltown!

        Milano's Restaurant
        9990 Mt. Baker Hwy
        Glacier, WA 98244
        Phone: 360-599-2863

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          My hiking friends have told me about this place for years but I figured with a name like Milano's it would be the typical mediocre Italian-American food. But it's really good/authentic? What type of Italian is it? What do you like there?

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            Milano's is nice because they make their own fresh pasta, they have a good wine selection and they don't care how muddy or wet you are when you come in. The portions are huge and the flavors very bold - I wouldn't call it authentic, necessarily, but it's not Olive Garden, either. There's a post on my blog with some pictures:


        2. Alligator Soul in Everett is Excellent! This may not be far enough north for you.

          El Gitano is great Mexican in Burlington.

          The recommend restaurants in Whatcom county by the other users here are all very good. Trying not to be too much of a self promoter, but ......
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