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Jul 24, 2008 04:12 PM

Fisherman's Outlet Seafood Downtown

Has anyone been there, and if so, what are your thoughts? I used to hit up Santa Monica Seafood but now that I no longer work in SM (and live in Echo Park), I'm still in search of a good seafood market/restaurant. Thanks!

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  1. I LOVE Fisherman's outlet... but lemme warn ya... it's no SM Seafood...

    For me the beauty of FO is their turn around, with lines all day long you ARE getting fresh stuff! Great grilled and fried items (they freshly bread all their items as well) as well as awesome cold bar.

    But it's NOTHING fancy... but my last trip (this past spring) I had the shrimp salad. Mounds of absolutely fresh and yummy bay shrimp in the salad. A week later I ordered a similar salad a well regarded chow restaurant almost twice the prifce and the bay shrimp were horribly briney and tough and they only gave me a tiny handful. Bleh!!


    1. Right in the heart of the wholesale district in DT, it doesn't get much fresher.
      Stand in line bark your order have your order barked back at you grab a picnic table outside with a piece of freshly prepared fish, chowder or seafood salad and a ice cold ice tea or beer and you've hit the spot.
      If you're in echo park you're maybe 15 minutes away plenty of street parking or they have a lot that get's filled up during lunch time but there's a guy out there keeping a watchful eye.
      They also have a fish market next to the eatery.

      Fresh Halibut and rice pilaf is my favorite.

      1. I've been there many times. If you can get there early, 11:00ish, you have a better chance of not having to stand in line too long. Lines can be very long. Once the person in line in front of my SO had 17 take-out orders to place. Go with someone who can claim a table while you're in line.

        Food is very fresh, made to order. Our favorites... fish platter which is fried Pollock, fries and cole slaw. Or giant shrimp with garlic butter, fries and cole slaw. Bay scallops with fries and cole slaw. Tartar and cocktail sauces are delicious. Everything is! Combo plates, lobster tails, salmon, etc.

        Very big menu. Everything is deep fried or charbroiled. There are chowders, salads, seafood cocktails, sides, beer, wine, sodas, desserts.

        They have their own parking lot and street parking isn't bad. They also have a seafood market. You'll see people from every walk of life. It's a great place. Highly recommended.

        1. It's Good. SM seafood is Clean Very upscale. fishermans outlet is a few scales down. I usually get either their Combo 1 Fried pollock & Fried shrimp with rice, You get a cajun sauce also. Or the charbroiled sea Bass is excellent. As the others posted The shrimp Salad is Excellent. i try to avoid the Clam chowder, it's Thin & runny. i perfer a thick creamy chowder. The market side has good fish if you plan to cook it. if you Like Fresh Sashimi grade fish, go a few blocks down to 3rd Street and Alameda to Mitsuwa market. Excellent and check out the sushi also.

          1. A dissenting opinion.
            If you want greasy food, this is your place.
            Everything is buried in varying levels of oils, both bad ones and worse ones.
            A good seafood market/restaurant - go to Fish King in Glendale up the 2 Fwy and don't even think about this place.
            Yes, it is a slice of life, yet so are many other places, yet some slices are less interesting than others.