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Jul 24, 2008 03:45 PM

FRO-YO FIEND! help.. "only 8"!

Hey kids!

So i recently stumbled upon a brand of yogurt called "only 8" which supposedly has only 8 calories per ounce and no sugar or fat or any of that nonsense!

SOOO for all you trendy LA fro yo lovers, WHERE CAN I FIND THIS HIDDEN GEM!?!?

or.. anything of the same stature for that matter! Im not talking the obvii (pink berry, yogurtland [delish but not so friendly to my hips ;)...].. but i mean the real skinny minny stuff that no one really knows about yet!!!

SOOOO, dish the dirt! The healthiest and most yummy fro yo our there! AHHHH im sooo excited!

thanks so much!

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  1. The yogurt place at Crescent Heights and Beverly on the northwest corner strip mall (beverly yogurt or yogurt place - blanking on the name now) has it.

    I've seen it at Toppers on the south side of Beverly just west of La Brea.

    Yogurt Factory in SaMo on Santa Monica Blvd near Bundy occasionally has it.

    FYI, neither Big Chill nor Yogurt Zone in Encino offers it.

    1. I frequent Toppers several times a week... I like the WowCow variety the best. For even more flavor options, they also have the super diet (fat free sugar free) in addition to just the fat free at Angelina on Santa Monica (in a mini mall, n side of the street, across from the WHollywood pinkberry location). FroYo is very much a southern california thing and when i moved here i was SO EXCITED to discover that you can get it anywhere, anytime, all year round here.