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Jul 24, 2008 03:44 PM

Frozen Yogurt--more variety??


Just got back from a wonderful trip to CA and here is what I noticed, non-fat frozen yogurt shops on every street corner. The other thing that made me smile was the variety of flavors they all cake batter, cookies n cream,chocolate malt milkshake,strawberry shortcake...ect..Mmmmm they were all sooooo yummy.

Where are all the kickass yogurt places in Austin that carry that kind of variety? I've been to one( my favorite) Tomunchi? off Parmer Ln but want to try something new.

Any help is appreciated because I'm tempted to fly back just for frozen yogurt:)


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  1. There's one on Anderson Mill, bout halfway between 183 and 620, called Sprinkles. It's very similar to the ones in CA. They have 4 or 5 flavors and about a million different topping that you can pick from.

    Also, there was an article in the Chronicle or Statesman a few weeks back about fronzen yogurt places.

    1. I think they are opening a frozen yo place soon in the triangle.

      1. There's a discussion here:

        As mentioned, Yogoberry is a Pinkberry clone. And Piccomolo - - sells mostly gelato, but they have a frozen yogurt using Austin's White Mountain yogurt.

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          Thanks guys...I am SO down for Sprinkles this weekend. Really appreciate the help!